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interaction of stress intensity factor for perpendicular cracks

hai friends,

me doing engineering design... my project tite is "interaction of stress intensity factor for perpendicular cracks" this is y final yr project....pls guide me finding problem & knowing about the fracture mechanics and the purpose of stress intenssity factor..i really need the ansys analysis procedure for creating perpendicular cracks... pls help me friends ...send some link or web page ..

 PLS send details to my mail id  

contact no: 8015180689

thank you!!

2015 Summer Biomechanics Bioengineering and Biotransport Meeting

<p>Please join us at the Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering and Biotransport Conference (SB3C2015), to be held at beautiful Snowbird Utah, July 17-20, 2015 ( The theme of the conference this year is <strong> Synergy of Modeling and Experiments in Biomechanics, Bioengineering and Biotransport </strong>.


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Hi guys,

I am all new user to deform 3d. from the past month i managed to learn a bit of that. now i can deform a sheet into a cup using a punch and die set. problem is there are wrinkles on the cup. how to apply blank holder force. Can any body explain in detail. plz help me so that i can finish my project.

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Book on elastic wave propagation

Our book Introduction to Elastic Wave Propagation, originally published by Wiley in 1994, is now in the public domain. The book is attached. We intended it to be suitable for a one-semester course or for self-study by students needing background on elastic waves. (The solutions to the exercises are included.) Chapter 1 can also be used as a concise introduction to linear elasticity.

Anthony Bedford (

Douglas S. Drumheller (

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The attached notes are written for a course on plasticity.  I will update new posts on my twitter account:  

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Strain hardening

The attached notes are written for a course on plasticity.  I will update new posts on my twitter account:  Rheology is the science of deformation. This science poses a question for every material: given a history of stress, how do we find the history of strain?

Please anyone help me to answer these questions.

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1. Justify if a stick of different length (same mass) is easier to be balanced with your hand with longer or shorter lengths. Calculation of inertia. Justify with calculations.


2. Definition of DOF and calculate them for a basic suspension, like double wishbone. Identify all the joints used.

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I am teaching this course this semester.  I'll post notes as I write them.  Links to the notes are listed in this post.  I will also notify updates on twitter:

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Basic Equations in Fluid Mechanics

I wrote these notes as a background for teaching elasticity and plasticity.  Even in this most basic formulation, the dilation of the fluid is viscoelastic.

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A (Possibly Free) Primer on the Finite Element Method

For those of you interested in a terse introductory guide to the Finite Element Method, you might find the latest book by my colleague at U.C. Berkeley, Tarek Zohdi, to be helpful:


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Hi all,

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Constraint Moments and Constraint Forces in the Mechanics of Rigid Bodies

For those of you preparing to teach a course on Lagrangian Mechanics of Rigid Bodies in the forthcoming semester or quarter, you may be interested to read a new expository paper by Arun Srinivasa at Texas A&M and myself:

 A Simple Treatment of Constraint Forces and Constraint Moments in Rigid Body Dynamics, ASME Applied Mechanics Reviews, To Appear (2014).  

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Tenure-track Faculty Position in Materials Science and Engineering


Tenure-track Faculty Position in Materials Science and Engineering

Abaqus 6.13 Help needed - Subroutine UHYPER

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Hello all, I am in a desperate need of some expert help

For a newbie at Abaqus with subroutines,

After months of trying, finally installed Abaqus, verified results all passed.

(Abaqus 6.13, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013)

 Couple of questions-

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Post-doctoral position at McGill/Polytechnique Montreal on crystal plasticity

I have a 2-year post-doctoral position available at McGill/Polytechnique to work on the effect of shot peening on the residual stresses at the grain levels. The methodology will consist of meshing representative volume elements of polycristals and submitt them to shot peening (explicit dynamic simulations). I require a candidate who has exprience in FE modeling of Representative Volume Elements of polycristals and crystal plasticity. 

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Truss Me! It’s great for learning

In a large "Mechanics of Materials" class at ETH Zurich, I incorporated an educational game, Truss Me!, into the class. It showed the potential gaming apps have in enhancing traditional teaching of mechanics.

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First Book on Peridynamics is Available

                                                         Peridynamic Theory and Its Applications


                                                              Erdogan Madenci & Erkan Oterkus


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FREE Registration : School on Molecular Dynamics for Biomolecules and Nanomaterials


Dr. Axel Kohlmeyer , one of the LAMMPS code developers, is organizing FREE School on Molecular Dynamics for Biomolecules and Nanomaterials at Temple University, Philadelphia (August 18th - 22nd, 2014)

 Detail Schedule is Available Here 

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VUMAT of Drucker Prager, help needed please..

Hi Everyone,

                    I have written Drucker Prager in VUMAT version as shown below..but still there are some deviation with the original in built version of ABAQUS. I have all the notes how i derived these equation.could you please show me where the code has gone wrong or have i missed a critical point in here..i tried my best to spot the error but could not..may be you all experts could find it. Thank you very much. 


subroutine vumat(

c Read only -

     1  nblock, ndir, nshr, nstatev, nfieldv, nprops, lanneal,

piezometric head

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Hello together,

my professor just failed me in an oral exam. It was shwn a graph of a piezometric headline that increased. I said that its because of an increase of the diameter of the tube. He said afterwards:

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Modeling of Localized Inelastic Deformation 2014

Dear colleagues,

I would like to bring to your attention the advanced course on Modeling of localized inelastic deformation that will be taught by Milan Jirasek in Prague, Czech Republic on 15-19 September 2014. More detailed information on the course is posted at We are looking forward to seeing you in Prague!

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Scholarship available!

We are happy to announce an individual scholarship opportunities for international students for studying in International Master Degree Programme Advanced Dynamics of Discrete and Continuum Systems of Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University.

Nominal vs. net strength

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I have difficulty accepting the definition of "nominal strength" and "net strength" given in Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design.

Consider a plate of width w, thickness t, with a hole of diameter d centered at w/2, loaded with force F.  

Shigley's says: the "net stress" is \sigma_net=F/(wt) and the "nominal stress" is \sigma_nominal=F/((w-d)t). ==> I think he is wrong!

According to:


— noun

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New educational program: MSc Advanced Dynamics of Discrete and Continuum Systems

St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University (Russia) opens a new MSc program in mechanics and mathematical modelling. The program is designed for training highly professional scientists and engineers with the theoretical background and practical experience in theoretical mechanics, computational mechanics, IT, mathematical modelling and simulations, and distributed computing.

Bridgman and tensile test

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Dear all I came up with some stress distributions which exist in a cylindrical specimen in a tensile test. However, I cannot understand how these formulas were gotten. There is a reference to a Bridgman paper (1944). Is there anyone who can give some inputs abouts this?


Thanks in advance 


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