Masters and PhD Positions: Improved Barrier Performance of Polyolefin Coatings

This research focuses on Modelling, Characterization and design of polymeric nano-composite coatings for Improved Oxygen Barrier Performance using, Clay Nanoplatelets, Graphene etc. and adopting Multi-scale computational modelling approach and Atomistic/Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Masters and PhD Positions: Sustainable High-Performance Thermal Barrier Coatings – An Integrated Approach

This research focuses on engineering high-performance thermal barrier and protective coating systems through modelling its  deposition processes, study its manufacturing, characterize its microstructure, to feed information into multi-scale constitutive models, multi-scale modelling of its microstructure evolution and Fracture (in service) as well as experimental aspects (including In-situ SEM testing at temperature) of thin and thick film coatings to predict the system-level performance of such coating systems.

Announcing Wear of Materials 2015 - Website has just gone live

20th International Conference on Wear of Materials
12-16 April 2015
The Sheraton Centre, Toronto, Canada

The 20th International Conference on Wear of Materials will focus on both the fundamental and applied aspects of wear and friction of materials at the macro-, micro-, and nano-scale. It will address the understanding of tribological phenomena; particularly the progress in recent decades and a special session will concentrate on modeling of wear.

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Postdoc Position : Improved Barrier Properties in Polyolefins at Masdar Institute, Abu Dhabi

Improved barrier properties in polyolefins (Job Code: ME-PDSK032013)


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Developmental Thermal Barrier Coating Bond Coats

Thermomechanical Behavior of Developmental Thermal Barrier Coating Bond Coats

Authors: Amit Pandey 1, 2, Vladimir K. Tolpygo 3,  Kevin J. Hemker 1

1. The Johns Hopkins University, Department of Mechanical Engineering

2. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Materials Science and Technology Division

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Improving the stretchability of as-deposited Ag coatings on poly-ethylene-terephthalate substrates

In this paper, we report that silver films evaporated on poly-ethylene-terephthalate (PET) substrates coated with an acrylic primer can be stretched beyond 70% without fracture. As-deposited films show a larger failure strain than annealed coatings. These observations are rationalized in light of a ductile fracture mechanism where debonding from the substrate coevolves with strain localization. The results of this study indicate that PET substrates coated with an acrylic primer layer may be suitable for stretchable electronics.

This paper has been published in Journal of applied physics (2011) and can be downloaded from:


WOM 2013 - First Announcement and Call for Papers - deadline 1 June 2012

The 19th International Conference on Wear of Materials with take place in Portland, Oregon, USA, 14-18 April 2013. Two typed of papers ar invited: 1) full-length research-qulity papers that involve materials aspects of wear, wear analysis and wear modeling, and 2)shorter, concise case studies. Both categories of papers will be peer reviewed for technical quality.

 All submissions should be made online at by 1 June 2012



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nanoindention lab services

We are pleased to inform you that Ebatco’s Nano Analysis and Testing Laboratory (NAT Lab) now is open to serve your nanoscale mechanical and tribological testing and analysis needs. The NAT Lab’s staff scientists have more than 10 years of nanomechanical and nanotribological testing, applications R&D and instrument development experience. The lab is equipped with state-of-the-art nanoindenters with nm-resolution in-situ SPM imaging capability and full lines of advanced options such as nanoDMA, modulus mapping, feedback control, heating/cooling stage, vacuum chuck, and environmental control and isolation chamber.

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Need softwares that can Model Multilayer Thin Film Coatings


 I want to know what are some useful softwares in which I can simulate multilayer coatings in terms of thermal (CTE mismatch) stresses, and stresses due to contact type loading. I am looking for softwares that are easy to use by a person like me who has an experimental background, does not have exposure to using Abaqus, but can use softwares like Matlab.

 Thank you in advance for your suggestions.



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Call for Papers: 17th IC Wear of Materials (WOM)

Authors are invited to submit, via the conference website, a 200-250 word abstract by 1 June 2008. The 17th International Conference on Wear of Materials ( will take place in Las Vegas, April 19-22, 2009. The conference will focus on both the fundamental and applied aspects of wear and friction of materials at the macro-, micro- and nano-scale.

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