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Nonconservative Stability Problems of Modern Physics

This monograph gives a complete overview on the subject of nonconservative stability from the modern point of view. Relevant mathematical concepts are presented, as well as rigorous stability results and numerous classical and contemporary examples from mechanics and physics.

Rayleigh damping and numerical damping. (Ls-Dyna vs Msc.MARC)

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Hi to all of you!

I have problems about dampings.

Abaqus Damping Tan Delta

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Is there a way to define a materials damping properties in Abaqus FEA if all I know is the tan delta value? Please let me know. Thanks.  

Polymer materials analysis for damping in ansys

I want to find the material damping of polymer material through ansys, Is it possible to find the damping of a material damping by using ansys. In the experimental work the polymer material  perspex is used in which 9 layers of perspex material are mounted on milling machine bed and machining is done along with work piece material to reduce the vibration and to found out the damping. How this can be analysed in ansys and which models can be used for this. Many layers are stacked one upon the other and damping has to be found out.How this modelling can be done.

Large deformation elasticity and damping of individual carbon nanotubes in radial direction

Carbon nanotubes as strong fibers in CNT-composites are subjected to large deformations in radial direction. They provide strength as well as structural damping in the composite. Despite being strong in the axial direction, CNTs are rather soft in the radial direction.

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