maximum entropy

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C++ MeshFree Class

I have posted a meshfree class implemented in C++ in my web site. Although this is nothing new (which is why I am releasing it), it might be useful for some of you. Its capabilities include the computation of first order maximum entropy (maxent) basis functions and first order moving least squares (mls) basis functions along with their corresponding derivatives. It is a generic code in the sense that it can compute the aforementioned basis functions in one, two and three dimensions with just one single code. If you have comments or find a bug, please do let me know. It is available for Windows and Linux. The code along with its manual can be downloaded from here.

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Fortran 90 library for maximum-entropy basis functions

Attached is a tar archive for a Fortran 90 library to compute maximum-entropy basis functions.  I have used the G95 compiler. The manual in PDF is also attached and a html version of the same is also available, which provide details on how to install the code and its capabilities. The library is released under the GNU Lesser GPL version 3 license.

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Maximum entropy coordinates for arbitrary polytopes

In the attached paper, we construct new generalized coordinates for arbitrary polytopes in d-dimensions (polygons and polyhedra in 2- and 3-dimensions, respectively) using the principle of maximum entropy. The paper is to appear in Computer Graphics Forum and will be presented at the SGP'08 Conference in Denmark.  

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