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iMechanica Journal Club (November 2013): Nano-architected Nanolattice Structures

      In a set of recently published papers, the first in Nature Materials and the second in Advanced Engineering Materials , we investigate methods for designing, fabricating, and testing a new class of nano-architected lattice structures, which we refer to as nanolattices. These nanolattices are comprised of hollow tubes with lengths on the order of microns, diameters on the order of hundreds of nanometers to microns, and wall thicknesses on the order of tens to hundreds of nanometers. During the fabrication, we have a high degree of control over the geometry of the structure, the dimensions of the tubes (both the diameter and the wall thickness), and the overall size of the structure. Depending on the constituent material being used, there is the potential to tune the thickness of the tubes in a way such that a material size effect can be exploited.  There are a number of different geometries that have been designed and are currently being tested, and they can be seen here. The successful fabrication and testing of architected nanolattice structures on this scale, and with this degree of fidelity, constitutes a breakthrough in materials engineering. Using advanced two-photon lithography techniques to make materials with high structural strength in combination with materials size-effects, we have begun to reach into an entirely new material parameter space.

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Post-doctoral position at Penn State University

Announcing an open position at Penn State University - starting August 12. The research topic involves biaxial testing of plant cell walls. The applicant must have experience in basic fabrication (lithography, wet and dry etching, deposition) techniques and background on mechanical properties/testing. Please send a pdf copy of your CV to:

Aman Haque, Professor of Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering, Penn State University, 

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A quality map of transfer printing

M.B. Tucker, D.R. Hines, T. Li, A quality map of transfer printing, Journal of Applied Physics, 106, 103504, (2009)  DOI: 10.1063/1.3259422

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Symposium on "Mechanics of Nanofabrication and Nanostructure Growth" at the 2007 IMECE (ASME Meeting)

(Please also refer to for the introduction of this ASME meeting and some important changes. )

Mechanics has been playing a critical role in understanding the fabrication and reliability of nanostructured material systems, such as the self-assembly of quantum dots during heteroepitaxial thin film growth. Sponsored by the Elasticity Committee of Applied Mechanics Division, this symposium will identify opportunities and challenges in mechanics of materials that are motivated from a variety of novel and emerging nanofabrication and nanostructure growth methods. Presentations in experimental, theoretical, and computational studies are solicited in the following areas (but not limited to):

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Carbon Nanotube Lecture on Nov 1st at MIT

Dr. John Hart from MIT is giving a carbon nanotube (CNT) tutorial at the International Symposoum on Nanomanufacturing (ISNM) at MIT on November 1st, Wednesday. Please see the following if you are interested.

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