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Selection of element bsed on the location in abaqus using python script.

I'm facing problem while writing a script for a parametric study.
After changing the each parameter the model changes and and the loaction of the interested element changes based on those parameters.
Also the element number changes.
Is there any command in python script to choose the elements based on the location ? 

Thank you in advance

Rajesh Kumar

how to apply USDFLD to specific areas of a FE model

Hi, I'm modeling a composite box structure consisting of several fillet zones. Now I know only those fillet zones will develop progressive damage. The question is how I can apply USDFLD into only thiese zones, instead of making subroutine calculation of the whole model. I suppose there should be an argument to specify the range of elements  into subroutine calulation, anyone knows that? Thx

Nonlinear stiffness for cohesive behaviour

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Hi all,

 Does anyone know how to define nonliner (or exponential) stiffness for cohesive behaviour (for ascending branch before damage)? In CAE it's only allowed to enter one value



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Introduction of the hyperfoam model in ABAQUS

Dear Researchers,


I am trying to find out which was the first ABAQUS version, wchich includes the hyperfoam material model. I haven't found any version history about this. Could someone tell me the very first version of ABAQUS in which the hyperfoam model was included?


Thank You!

Kind Regards,

Attila KOSSA

Modelling of Thermosyphon Evaporator in Abaqus

Is it possible to model and do the thermal analysis of a thermosiphon loop using ABAQUS.

Co-simulation Engine Mapping search failures in Abaqus

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can anyone guide me what is co-simulation engine mapping search failures in abaqus?? as i get this error while trying running co-simulation between AbaqusCFD and AbaqusStandard.

i have created CAE Model with single fin (mounted on tube) and tube as a single part and created partion wall along the edge of fin, Created CFD Model with fluid, assigned structured mesh.

Even file pre-processor completes successfully but it aborts showing "co-simulation engine mapping search failures in abaqus"

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Postdoctoral Position in Computational Damage Mechanics Available at Masdar Institute in Abu Dhabi

A Postdoctoral Research Fellow position in computational damage mechanics is
available immediately at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology in Abu
Dhabi in United Arab Emirates. Masdar Institute is established in collaboration
with Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The research project focuses on
using advanced computational fracture and damage mechanics for simulating the
behavior of advanced materials under different loading and environmental
conditions. The candidate is expected to have a PhD in the field of Mechanical,
Civil, or Aerospace Engineering with solid knowledge of theoretical/computational
solid mechanics; continuum damage mechanics, fracture mechanics,

"keyword *CO-SIMULATIONREGION is misplaced" Error

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i everyone,

I am UG student of Mechanical Engineering. I am a new user of Abaqus and currently working on co-simulation for my final year  project. Actually what I am doing is prediction of heat transfer due to fluid flow in a tube of known diameter across which air is flowing, also called as conjugate heat transfer.

I created model in Abaqus/standard named Tube, created part as Tube

Assigned material properties

Created step "Dynamic, temp-disp, Explicit"

Beam elements in Abaqus

Hi every body,

I'm tring to make a beam by using beam elements in Abaqus like this:




How to assign orientation for fibers in woven composite ?

Hello everyone,
I am working on textile composites. I have to assign local material orientation for the fibers. I have come across *ORIENT  subroutine in abaqus. But I am quite new to user subroutines. Is there any other way in which I can assign local material orientation to the fibers?
The fiber layout is such  that it has linear as well as sine part. Can anyone give some idea on how to create *ORIENT for such fibers?

Urgent help - Contact modelling in Abaqus

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Dear all
I urgently need the answer to my question. I am modelling a clapping or contact between two surfaces similar to a crack.
I have used abaqus : 1-tangential : frictionless  2-Hard contact
I wanna know what moelling approach does abaqus use for above situation ?
Does abaqsu use hertzian contac ? bilinear stiffness or what ?
Thank you

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Why the VVF of GTN model within Abaqus keeps 0

I calculated an example of unaxial tension using GTN model offered by Abaqus. I followed all the instructions found in CAE User's and Analysis User's manual in Abaqus documentation. No error or warning was issued but the result seemed ridiculous, since VVF, VVFG and VVFN keeped 0 throughout the process while equivalent plastic strain keeped increasing(which showed the material had come into plastic deformation). I don't know what went wrong, looking forward to you reply.

PhD Scholarship in Geotechnical Engineering Postgraduate Research of the University of Adelaide

One research scholarship is immediately available to support a PhD
student to work on a project in Geotechnical Engineering area.  The project is funded by the Australian
Research Council (ARC) and lasts 3 years. 
The scholarship will provide a stipend of A$ 25,392 per annum (in
2014).  Tuition waiver will be
nominated.  Exceptional candidate is
eligible to be awarded an extra amount of allowance in appreciation of his (or
her) possible high quality research outcomes. 

Ice failure simulation


  I want to simulate Ice failure simulation in abaqus. In my problem, ice is deposited between 2 components.

  While I am trying to move one compoents, the ice is restricting the movement of the components. Now I want to find out the force at which the ice starts to failure .

  any methods are available n abaqus., Plz let me know if any body knows abt this kind of simulation.


Thanks in advance


Abaqus: Composite delamination with cohesive elements



I have to do a FEA regarding impact damage and delamination propagation in a CFRP specimen.

I have to do this using cohesive element in order to see the propagation of the delamination front in the material.

My problem is that I don't know how to do this in Abaqus.

I'll better explain: I can use this software but is the first time approching composite behavior and I really don't know how to model that.

How can i simulate failure and damage progressive of composite materials using abaqus

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I am new in using abaqus, please can any one help me with tutorials, book or anything that guide me on how to simulate failure and damage progressive in composite materials using abaqus.

Thanks you all 

How can i simulate failure and damage progressive in composite materilas using abaqus

I am new in using abaqus, please can any one help me with tutorials, book or anything that guide me on how to simulate failure and damage progressive in composite materials using abaqus.

Thanks you all 

Rolling Ball


 Please refer to the figure given below. I want model this problem using ABAQUS.


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Abaqus Max Principal vs Max Principal (Abs) values

Hi every one,

                   Does Any one know the difference between Max. Principal values and Max.Principal(Abs) values in Abaqus ? I searched from there manual..but they have not mentioned in there manual too..could you please let me know the difference between those two parameters? Thank you very much.

Modelling Rigid Diaphragm in ABAQUS

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Hi Everyone 


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