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XFEM Location of Crack Tip

In using Abaqus 6.12 XFEM software is there a field output request that can be specified to track the location of the crack tip as a crack grows through time?

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Subsea impact simulation with Abaqus

Hi every body

My thesis is about ship grounding. In this phenomenon, ship hit a rock. I can simulate this problem in Abaqus/Standard,without wave effect. But in reality there is water and waves. Can I simulate this problem with ABAQUS? Is it possible to define water(or wave) aruond ship and rock?


Electric Potential B.C. in the Dynamic/Explicit Step

Hey all,

I am trying to apply an Electric Potential B.C. to a surface. I want to use the dynamic/explicit analysis type, however, when I select that as my step type, the Electric Potential B.C. option disappears from the edit B.C. window! Is that due to a license limitation or an error I might have made in one of the definitions?

Thank you!

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New SIMULIA Tech Brief: Cogging Torque Analysis of Permanent Magnet Machines using Abaqus/Standard

When designing a permanent magnet machine, one of the most fundamental and difficult goals is to reduce the cogging torque curve. The challenge in reducing the cogging torque is to also decrease the numerical noise generated by the mesh. Finite element analyses and the advanced meshing functionality that is available through Abaqus/CAE allows for a faster and more accurate prototype.

How to plot Fracture toughness vs Crack length in Abaqus for Delamination problem

I've modelled a DCB specimen and applied Boundary conditions and load... I followed the same procedures given in abaqus documentation... As expected the crack initiates and propagates along the interface... I can get the Resultant force vs displacement plot from the analysis.. But i dont know how to plot the fracture toughness vs crack length plot in ABAQUS..

Please help me... Your suggestion would really help me a lot..

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How to find material parameters for Abaqus PDA

The PDA model implemented in Abaus is an implementation of the idea of the cohesive zone model (CZM), which is quite popular for the analysis of delaminations, but PDA is for intralaminar damage. The problem my group faced when trying to use PDA was "where do we get the material parameters?"  We asked around in blogs and such but could not find a definitive answer. So, we went to work and came up with a methodology that may serve you.

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New book: FEA of composites using Abaqus

New textbook includes an explanation of the concepts involved in the detailed analysis of composites, a sound explanation of the mechanics needed to translate those concepts into a mathematical representation of the physical reality, and a detailed explanation of the solution of the resulting boundary value problems by using commercial Finite Element Analysis software such as Abaqus.

ABAQUS set a limit time for the esecution of a job

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as title says, does anyone knows how to fix a limit to the time that an abaqus job takes to be calculated.


this is because i am running several jobs sequentially, and i want to set that for instance if some job takes too much time, just stop it and go to the next one.


thank you a lot. 

Inaccurate UMAT result in SMP model

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I have written a UMAT subroutine similar to the one shown in abaqus 6.11 subroutine manual 1.1.40 with a slight differences indicative of the material's rheological model.
my expanded isotropic model looks like:
sigma_x - sigmav_x/3 + vbar*sigma_dot_x + kappa*sigma_dot_x =
lambda*eplv + 2*mu*epl_x + lamdabar*eplv_dot_x +2*mubar*epl_x

Abaqus - Job aborts reporting that it can't change the current working directory.


I have an Abaqus 6.12-3 installed on a Windows 8 64-bit system.
Everything works smoothly. I am easily able to take control of the CAE
and model, define loads, steps, sections and jobs. The problem is while
running the jobs. The job aborts splashing an error "Unable to change
the current working directory to
C:\Users\ANIABU~1\AppData\Local\Temp\Ani Abu_I-beam_3876." This happens
with all the jobs. Rarely does the job complete successfully, but I am
unable to understand the underlying procedure. I did not request any

Abaqus results

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i try to simulate a 3 points bending of a glass plate with abaqus.

force 1kN !

young modulus = 7e10 Pa

Poisson's ratio = 0.22

- the plate is square (30 cm) , thickness 8.72 mm

- i use 3D extruded solid

- for the load i can't create a line load so i replace this load by pressure in a thin surface (2mm*30cm) applied in the center of the plate

- C3D8R element type

 but the results are strange:

the maximum displacement is 0.672 mm !

is that realistic ? 1kN and just 0.672 mm of central displacement  ?

Model steel phase change and residual strain and stress using abaqus


Hi, I'm a Mechanical Engineering student and I need to learn how to create a simulation of the martensitic transformation as a result of quenching of steel using Abaqus.

I'm just trying to get as much information as I can on my own but I want to ask for some advise; at this time what I have found is that I may need to use some Abaqus user subroutines as UMAT or VUMAT ir order to succed on the simulation but I want to know if theres any other way to avoid using them.

droptest of model having crack in it in ABAQUS

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I have a question to Abaqus users,

Can I simulate a drop-test of a model having crack in it in Abaqus/explicit.

If yes, whether Contour integral crack type can be used or I have to use XFEM?

Reply asap



Lamb wave simulation in Abaqus tutorial


I am trying to generate acoustic waves in aluminum bars and plates to simulate an experiment we are performing in the lab. We use piezoelectric actuators to generate and receive the waves in the lab. I know that similar simulations have been done in Abaqus, however, I an having difficulties getting the simulation to work. Is there a tutorial or does anyone have any experience with this kind of simulation? Your help is appreciated ! Thank you.


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wind load on transmission towers

Dear All



I want to assign wind load on a 3D transmission tower USING abaqus, how can I assign the wind load on the transmission tower  ? should it be assigned as a bodyforce or joint load ? your comments are highly appreciable.


Thank you


Nazim Nariman 

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Surface Pressure in Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Model

Hi, All: I am working on a fluid structure interaction problem with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) method in Abaqus. My solid is a deformable structure. I would like to know the pressure on the surface of structure where solid and fluid (particles) contact with each other. I wonder how could I output this vailable from the SPH model in Abaqus. Thanks a lot in advance for any help!

Stress Intensity Factors calculation by using ABAQUS

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Hello all.

For the below cases: 

1) Penny-shaped crack in a cylindrical bar

2) Penny-shaped crack in an infinite body

3) Semi-elliptical surface crack 
I need to calculate the stress intensity factors by using ABAQUS. 


Please help me how can I start and provide me any tutorial/example if you have.  I shall be grateful to you. 

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Gain Business Value from User Experiences - Check out this SCC guide

If you haven’t attended a SIMULIA Community Conference before then check out this e-book of select past conference papers to see what you’ve been missing.

Problem with abaqus : shell-solid assembly

Hello everyone !

I'm new to abaqus and have a problem with the shell-solid assembly. I want to model a shell element (plate) clamped into two solid elements (parallelograms) on its top and bottom edges.

I've tested different possibilities to do my assembly (shell-solid coupling, merging the geometry or the mesh when assembling the two elements) but none of them work. There's always a problem whis the definition of the elements' properties when I submit the job.

Does anobody have a solution ?

Stacking of DOFs in Abaqus

I am studying the response of a bridge in MATLAB, and have successfully retrieved mass and stiffness matrices from Abaqus using the following keywords:



*Matrix generate, STIFFNESS, MASS


*End step 


This gives matrices on a mathematical form, very well suited for use with MATLAB. 

Postdoc opportunity in the field of computational mechanics


New Technologies Research centre at the University of West Bohemia
(Czech Republic) invites applications for a Postdoctoral position in the
field of Computacional Mechanics of Materials. Highly motivated
individuals holding a PhD in Mechanics, Materials Science or closely
related fields are encouraged to apply.

Aqua load by python

Dear All

I am quite new in this area.

Somebody can give me an idea on:

How to impose aqua loads by phyton scripting in abaqus?

Thanks in advance


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Need help for running UMAT of Dr. Huang's single crystal

Hello Everyone,

I am a new member of imechanica. I have started to learn UMAT of Abaqus to model my material behavior ( Cu6Sn5, HCP) using crystal plasticity finite element model. I found Dr. Huang's single crystal UMAT to start learning UMAT and I thought that it would be a great guide to start though it is written for FCC mat. But unfortunately I was not able to run the UMAT with it's input file.


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