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Masonry modelling (interaction)

Hi, is there anyone has the experience in modelling and solving masonry structural system ? currently im facing the issue in inputting the data of interaction between the blocks of masonry. i'm trying to model 3 storey masonry (material : Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) ) building in ABAQUS program by implementing 'macro-modelling' technique, where the block size is 200x400mm including 10mm thickness of mortar joint. 

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how to model masonry wall in abaqus

here we are to tell you how we can model masonry in abaqus cae.
there are 3 ways:
1-micro modeling
2- macro modeling
3- micro-macro modeling(HOMOGENIZATION)
micro modeling; 
in this method all parts should be modeled in abaqus separately.
but notice that don't use shell to modeling grout because of 3d properties of grout and cohesive characteristics.
this method is suitable for small masonry panels with 2-3 layers of brick.

New Editorial Structure for Construction and Building Materials Journal

Professor Luigia Binda, one of the foremost authorities in masonry research, and in particular the restoration of historic buildings, steps down from her role as European Regional Editor of the journal. Professor Andrew Boyd, from McGill University, Canada and Professor Amir Mirmiran from Florida International University, USA who served as North American Regional Editors for the past four years, are also retiring.

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