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Wikipedia style publication in a categorized manner!

First excuse me for my poor English. Wikipedia-Style Open publish (suggested by Mike Ciavarella) can be a logical solution for many of Current publication and evaluation system problems, currently we utilize popularity for “quality warranty” and “Ranking” of papers and authors. Such factor can be a measure for evaluating the papers and authors in the new style too. The reliability of papers can even increase by this way more, Categorization of scientific papers is one of necessities of today’s scientific network.

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Wikipedia entries on mechanics

If you have a curious child at home, you will hear no end of Wikipedia.  In 2005, Michael Suo introduced me to Wikipedia, which has since become a source of inspiration for iMechanica.  

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Wikipedia and Applied Mechanics

(Originally posted on Applied Mechanics News on 25 February 2006)

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia founded in 2001 with a radical approach: anybody can create and edit (almost) any entry. Entirely created by volunteers, Wikipedia has come close to Britannica in terms of the accuracy of its science entries, according to a special report in Nature. The size of Wikipedia has long surpassed Britannica. Before weighing in on this news, perhaps you’d like to scan the 418 comments recorded in Slashdot.

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