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Hierarchical Materials Symposium at USNCTAM 2014 - Abstract deadline is now January 6, 2014

Dear Colleagues,


The submission deadline for abstracts to the 17th U.S. National Congress on Theoretical & Applied Mechanics has been extended to Jan 6th, 2014.  Please consider submitting an abstract to at the website below.  We will be holding a symposium on "Elasticity, PLasticity, and Multiphysics of Hierarchical Materials: Mechanisms to Mechanics" that many of you should find quite interesting!


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USACM: Multiscale Methods and Validation in Medicine and Biology II

The second USCACM Thematic Conference on Multiscale Methods and Validation in Medicine and Biology will be held on February 13/14, 2014 in Berkeley, California.The deadline for abstract submission is September 30, 2013.

For more information, please visit

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APCOM2013 MS99: Multiscale modelling and simulations: from quantum to continuum (call for abstract)

Dear Colleagues,

Multiscale modeling and simulations are very important and challenging in studying the structural materials and mechanics at different length scales, and paves the way for the future research in large-scale materials that are of both scientific and industrial importance. We cordially invite you to participate in the Asia Pacific Congress on Computational Mechanics (APCOM) 2013 and give a talk in our minisymposium MS99 entitled “Multiscale Modeling: from quantum to continuum”. The Congress will be held in Singapore, from December 11 to 14, 2013.  The abstract is due on Apr 30th 2013.


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USNCCM12 MS4.9: Concurrent Multi-Length Scale Modeling: from Finite Elements to Atoms and Electrons (call for abstract)

We cordially invite you to participate in the 12th U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics (US-NCCM12) and give a talk in our minisymposium (MS4.9) entitled "Multiscale Concurrent Multi-Length Scale Modeling: from Finite Element to Atoms and Electrons". The Congress will be held in Raleigh, NC, USA, from July 22 to July 25, 2013.

topics of interest in MS4.9 include but not limited to:
1. Multiscale modeling from finite element methods (meshed or meshless, including XFEM, SPH,
EFG, etc) to atomistic simulations.
2. Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics methods.
3. Full spectrum multiscale couplings (FEM/MM/QM and more).
4. Phase field models.

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A review on multiscale methods for material modeling

Dear all,

Please find enclosed our paper which is published on Journal of Multiscale Modelling
Vol. 3, No. 4 (2011) 1–
42 which gives an overview of state of the art multiscale techniques for material modeling. 

The paper discusses the following topics: homogenization, Representative volume element, computational homogenization (Fe2 methods) for both both bulk materials and strong discontinuities. 

I hope the paper is useful for beginners to the field.

All the bests, 

Abaqus multiscale bridge with UMAT


I'm trying create a bridge between scales using Abaqus, UMAT subroutine.

On macro scale I call UMAT, which calls other abaqus inp. with this example code

call SYSTEM('abaqus cae script=C:\Temp\mixUMAT\ -- A 2 5.3')

And my "simpleModel" receives all arguments properly.

However, I need some values which are calculcated on "simpleModel", to UMAT continues the executation.

Anyone knows  how can I do it?


Thank you! 

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Submit an abstract for IMECE-2012 sympoisum "Multiscale Perspectives on Plasticity in Metals"

My co-organizers and I invite you to submit an abstract to the upcoming symposium “Multiscale Perspectives on Plasticity in Metals” at the ASME 2012 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (IMECE), to be held November 9-15, 2012 in Houston, Texas. This symposium will explore the unique challenges to understanding plastic deformation in metals and formulating material models that can accurately predict thermo-mechanical deformation. Presentations will cover experimental and modeling investigations of the physical mechanisms that control plasticbehavior in metals, and insight gained on incorporating these mechanisms into high-fidelity models and simulations.

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Free Computation Cycling Time

National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network Computation (NNIN/C) Project at Michigan provides free computation cycling time for a limited time (Sept. 15, 2011 to Jan. 15, 2012) to support researches in Nanotechnology (Nano/Microsystems, Nanomaterials, Multiscale modeling, etc). To get a free computation account, please go to:

 For more information, please contact


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Marie Curie IEF & IIF

I am interested in applying for Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowships (IEF) and Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowships (IIF). These are highly prestigious two-year fellowships (with average salary ~£50k/year):

The deadline is 11 August 2011.IEF is for researchers outside the European Union and IIF is for researchers within the European Union. My areas of interest include:
1. Stochastic multiscale method
2. Polynomial chaos and spectral methods
3. Stochastic dynamical systems

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USNCCM-11 Mini-symposium on "Emerging computational methods for transient non-linear problems with multiple temporal scales"

Dear Colleagues,


I would like to bring to your notice the mini-symposium on "Emerging computational methods for transient non-linear problems with multiple temporal scales" at the 11th US National Congress on Computational Mechanics ( The conference will be held at Minneapolis, Minnesota from July 25-29, 2011.


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USNCCM 11 Minisymposium on Recent Advances in Multiscale and Multiphysics Computational Materials Modeling

This mini-symposium focuses on the link between the traditional materials modeling and computational description of existing and new classes of materials, advanced and composite materials and their applications. In particular, the mini-symposium is devoted to computational characterization of material response and processing of material microstructures in the presence of multiple temporal and spatial scales as well as multiple physical processes, and computational methodologies for characterization of the microstructural topology of heterogeneous materials. Abstract Submission Deadline to the Congress: January 31, 2011.

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USNCCM-11 Minisymposium on Multiscale Transport Phenomena in Biological and Biomedical System

Dear Colleagues:

Wing Kam Liu and I (Ashfaq Adnan) would like to invite you to submit abstract(s) to the following mini-symposium at the upcoming 11th U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics ( The congress is scheduled to be held on July 25-29, 2011 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

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Post-Doctoral Position in Multiscale Mechanics & Physics (MMC) Lab at University of Texas, Arlington

We have an immediate opening for an outstanding post-doctoral fellow in our Multiscale Mechanics& Physics (MMP) Laboratory.  We are broadlyinterested in the fundamental physics and mechanics of nano/bio materials andtheir applications in innovative nano/bio devices. The focus of our current projects include: (i) nanoscale transport phenomena in pharmaceutical, biomedical and biologicalsystems, (ii) mechanics of nanodefects and their applications in engineering nanodevices,(iii) multifunctional and advanced materials for structural applications.

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PDF at the University of New Brunswick, Canada

Two post-doctoral positions are available immediately at the Univeristy of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada. One is in the area of micromechanics of deformation and fracture of engineering materials, particularly metals; and the other is in composite material modelling. For the former position, experience in microstructure-based modelling of deformation and fracture of metal alloys is preferred; while for the latter one, multiscale finite element modelling of fracture and damage behaviour of composite materials is required. Proficiency in commercial finite element codes, such as ABAQUS, ANSYS, or LS-DYNA is a must.

Interest applicants please contact Dr. Zengtao Chen at for more information.

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1st MUSIC Summer School on "Multiscale and Multiphysics Modelling of Interfaces"

The Graduate School MUSIC (Multiscale Methods for Interface Coupling) invites to its first Summer School on Multiscale and Multiphysics Modelling of Interfaces at Leibniz Universitaet Hannover, Germany, from 15 to 17 September 2010.

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Position for Research staff member at Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany

The Graduate School MUSIC ("Multiscale Methods for Interface Coupling") and the
Institute of Continuum Mechanics at Leibniz Universität Hannover invites
applications for a position as a

Research Staff Member in Computational Mechanics

(Salary scale E13 TV-L)

to be appointed on 1 April 2010.

The position is embedded into the Junior Research Group on „Multiscale Modelling of
Materials and Interfaces with Size Effec
ts” and is initially limited to 1 year.

multiscale Vs substructuring


what is the difference between multiscale modeling and substructuring (superelements)?



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Open source code on Multiscale

Hi everyone:

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Trends in Computational Nanomechanics-Transcending Length and Time Scales

I am happy to announce the forthcoming volume titled Trends in Computational Nanomechanics - Transcending Length and Time Scales 

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Euromech workshop on Multiscale effects in Fatigue, July 7-9, 2010 at the Ecole Polytechnique

Dear Collegue

We are organising in July 7-9, 2010 an Euromech workshop on Multiscale
effects in Fatigue, at the Ecole Polytechnique, near Paris in France.
Outcomes and topics are detailed on the following web site:

We would be honoured if you could contribute to this workshop to present
some of your recent research results.  The workshop is thought as a small
meeting in order to promote active discussion on the hot topics in this

with kindest regards
Andrei Constantinescu & Michele Ciavarella

Andrei Constantinescu

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Post-doctoral position in computational mechanics at Rutgers University

A postdoctoral position is available in the area of multiscale modeling of granular solids. The position is supported by the National Science Foundation and industrial partners of the NSF Engineering
Research Center for Structured Organic Particulate Systems ( 

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In search of articles on mesoscale FE modeling of sintering

Hi. I'm now starting my PhD on a project on sintering of hard metal.

I'm doing a literature study, but I have failed to find any articles that uses FE analysis on the micro/mesoscale. All of them seems to handle this only with a homogenized model on the macroscale.
If I get to be picky, I would prefer something with hardmetal, but at this point, anything would be great.
I would also be very happy to find any suitable reading on FE-analysis on solid-liquid-pore mixtures.

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