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Matlab code

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Release of VEMLab v2.1

VEMLab: a MATLAB library for the virtual element method


Release of VEMLab v2.1


>>  From VEMLab v2.0.2 to VEMLab v2.1:


- Add customized wrench domain (for PolyMesher mesh generator only).


- Add customized plate with a hole domain (for PolyMesher mesh generator only).


- Add the following test: “square_plate_with_source2_poisson2d.m” in test folder.


First-order reliability method (FORM) for Matlab?

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 


I am wondering if there is a source code for first-order reliability method (FORM) or second-order (SORM) available out there, ideally for Matlab but others would be interesting as well.

If not, has anyone programmed this themself?  What literature source did you base it upon?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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EFG code!

Hi all,

The beginers to the EFG method may get quick start inside the method through the simple EFG code for bars and beams here !


 Canh Le


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