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A simple finding on variable amplitude (Gassner) fatigue SN curves obtained using Miner’s rule for unnotched or notched specimen

We provide a very simple result for a problem which has been often neglected (variable amplitude loading) in academia, but which is of paramount importance in real engineering situations, where fatigue is almost never "constant amplitude".

We found few cases where we could check this extremely simple result, but it worked very well.  We would welcome further verifications.

The paper is in press here.

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A simple approximate expression for finite life fatigue behaviour in the presence of ‘crack-like’ or ‘blunt’ notches

After a long process (somebody may recall I made also quite some chaos on imechanica to complain with the review process in a previous journal), this paper was accepted.  Ask me a preprint if you are interested.  I can attach here a few images only.

Politecnico di Bari, 70125 Bari, Italy
Received in final form 13 June 2011


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