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tensile test

Bridgman and tensile test

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Dear all I came up with some stress distributions which exist in a cylindrical specimen in a tensile test. However, I cannot understand how these formulas were gotten. There is a reference to a Bridgman paper (1944). Is there anyone who can give some inputs abouts this?


Thanks in advance 

Tensile testing curve and fracture toughness relation

Hello everyone,
I am studying fracture of polymer composites.
I had a question I want to relate fracture toughness of composite to the composite stress-strain curve found from simple tensin test(on samples with no notch or pre-existing crack), can anyone give me a hint , how to do it?

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Tensile test under LS-DYNA

Dear all,

I would like to run a tensile test under ls-dyna of a mild steel  and
apply a 7000 N load to the dog bone specimen on a explicite scheme.

Unfortunately, I
have wild deformations ( and an error) on the nodes on edges where the
load is applied, so can you please tell me what are the importants
constants (like time termination, mass scale,...) and how to perform a
perfect run?


Have a good day,


Thank you


Source truncation and exhaustion: Insights from quantitative in-situ TEM tensile testing

Source truncation and
exhaustion: Insights from quantitative in-situ TEM tensile testing’ by D.
Kiener and A.M. Minor (

Post necking behavior (Steel)

I am simulating the tensile test of steel specimen to confirm that
resulting force displacement data matches with experiment. Since the
true stress true strain formulas are not valid beyond necking i have to
rely on actual neck measurements of flat sheet geometry. I have
identified swifts parameter also to use in the material model but some
how i am unable to match my results beyond necking. Any suggestions??

Flow stress


I am working on a thesis project dealing with flow stress in cold rolling, a plane strain operation. To determine the flow stress, tensile tests were carried out. I am aware, that the engineering strain/stress hast to be transfered to the true strain/stress and then the true strain/stress from the tensile test has to be mulitplied with the Von Mises yield criterion to yield the correspondent compressive flow stress in the rolling situation.

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Creep Analysis in Abaqus

Hi all,

I want to FEA of normal tensile creep test using Abaqus. Can anyone suggest me some notes/books/literature.



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