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Seeking Postdoctoral candidates for Science Foundation Ireland and EU Marie Curie funding schemes in Composites Modelling

I am seeking candidates in the field of Composites Modelling, interested in applying for any of the following schemes, which have closing dates in August 2011:


Hi everybody,

I am anurag working on damage mechanics of 2x2 twill woven composite, i will conduct the carbon/epoxy laminates under various regimes of service loas (quasi static  loading, low velocity impact, fatugue, post impact) and will also model crack propogation of the same using XFEM.I have studied FEM at graduate level.

Initially i will calculate mechanical properties of woven composite using unit cell method by applying homogenization process.

Now please guide me how to handle the above modelling procedure. Please give basic idea in terms of any research paper or any useful handout or any website. Your any useful comment or help will relax me mentally. plz send me any reference if possible

Thanx and Regards


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