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beam vibrations

Need to know information about Hermite cubics & shape function

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I am doing my research in nonlinear vibration of beams. In that research, I have to derive the shape function for different end conditions of the beam. Regarding this,I need some ideas. Are there books I can reference?

Regarding my research work, I need to know about hermite cubics in Fem. Can any one suggest a book regarding this?

Forced Vibration of Prismatic Beams

Attached is a computer program, written in Scilab and easily convertible to Matlab, that computes and dsiplays vibrations of prismatic beams forced by a sinusoidal point force. One can impose a variety of boundary conditions, including ones with end masses, springs and dampers. I show several examples. This might be a useful pedagogical item to play around with.

I have similar programs and write-ups for free vibrations of Euler Bernoulli beams and Timshenko beams with variable properties. If any would be interested I would willing to post them too.

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