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PhD Position in Computational Modeling of Materials at The Ohio State University

The Automated Computational Mechanics Laboratory (ACML) in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at The Ohio State University has one open PhD position for Spring 2014.  The research in ACML is focused on the implementation of advanced finite element and meshfree methods for the computational modeling of materials with complex geometries, corrosion, damage/fracture mechanics, and multi-physics simulations.

Faculty Position (in Mechanics) at Graz University of Technology, Austria

There is an open faculty position at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Graz University of Technology, Austria in the field of strength of materials.
More information about the position and the application instruction may be found here:

As the position will involve undergraduate teaching in German, candidates need to be fluent in German (hence, the description is in German only).

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Postdoctoral Research Position at MIT: Multi-Physics Modeling and Analysis of DNA Nanostructures

A postdoctoral position is available to conduct research in
the multi-physics modeling and analysis of DNA-based nanostructures. The
research is conducted jointly with Professors Mark Bathe and Klaus-Jürgen Bathe
at MIT. The candidate should be familiar with nonlinear finite element methods.

Please email your application to:

"Prof. KJ Bathe" <> with the subject heading "Modeling DNA-based Nanostructures".



PhD fellowship in Impact on Sandwich Composites

We have opportunities for PhD students to join Qatar University. The candidate should have the Master's degree with a specific interest in Composite materials. Experience in experimental and numerical simulation is valuable. The project is three years within which the student should finish his/her degree.The candidate should have at least one publication. Non native English speakers should have the ILETS (6.5). The salary is high and more benefits (including flight tickets and international schools for the children) are applicable.

Graduate Position Demand

My name is
Seyed Mohammad Elahi. I am a BSc student in mechanical engineering of Yasouj
University. I am writing to apply for a PhD position. During my undergraduate
I have published
a journal paper and presented three conference papers.
My researches are on
metal materials and their energy absorption capability.
My detailed resume is attached to
this blog entry.

Requesting for Graduate Position

My name is Seyed Ahmad
Elahi. I am a bachelor of science student in mechanical engineering from Yasouj
University. During my undergraduate study I have published a journal paper and presented three conference papers on the energy absorption of metal columns.

I would like to apply for a PhD position.

PhD Position in Atomistic Simulation of Superalloys

The Institute for General Material Properties of the Friedrich-Alexander-
Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg is seeking outstanding candidates for a
collaborative research project with the Ruhr-Universität Bochum
(SFB/Transregio 103 ) on high-temperature deformation of superalloys.

Postdoc position in Natural Fiber Composites

We have a new position for posdoc in Qatar University. The main topic is using natural fibers in composite materials for particular structural applications. The job requires a previous experience in natural fiber composites. In addition, experimental and numeriacl tools are desirable. The salary is high (better than any other place). In addition, there are more benifits regarding schools of your children and the plane tickits. For more information, please contact me

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Faculty Positions in School of Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics 宁波大学机械工程与力学学院招聘启事

The School of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics, Ningbo University, is looking for cadidates for all subjects in the broad field of mechanical engineering and mechanics.  In addition to traditional field of impact and shock waves, piezoelectric devices, material durability, and metal forming, the school are also initiating new directions like vechicle engineering, fluid mechanics, occean engineering, and other related subjects.

Positions in ALL ranks are available.  Currently we are taking applications for 2014 school year.

Post-doc available on interactive simulation of cutting - Strasbourg/Luxembourg/Cardiff

One post-doctoral fellowship is available in RealTcut, funded by the Strasbourg Institute of Advanced Study
 The goal of the post-doc is to extend the preliminary results which can be seen here: and will appear shortly in the journal Medical Image Analysis
 The candidate will be based in Strasbourg in the ICube laboratory

PhD Studentship@University of Southampton, UK - Wet Adhesive Poro-Viscoelastic Contact Along Human Skin Surface

Skin, the largest organ of the human body, acts as a
multi-functional biophysical interface to the external environment. The serial
interfacial phenomena along the skin/environment conjunction, particularly when
interacting with cosmetic and consumer goods (e.g. razor and shave preparation)
is determined by the interplay between the chemical structure and arrangement
of stratum corneum lipids,
environmental factors (e.g. hydration level) and also the physical
characteristics of skin surface relief. Therefore, the chemical and biophysical
properties of the stratum corneum
need to be considered jointly to approach the complexity of skin tribo-physics.
These technical challenges present outstanding opportunities for high quality

PhD Studentship@University of Southampton,UK-The Design of Lubricant-Surface Interaction for Reduced Boundary Friction and Wear

Mechanical losses account for 15% of total energy loss in an
IC engine where 45% of these losses result from friction of piston-ring
assembly. An increase in mechanical efficiency of 10% could lead to improved
fuel consumption of 1.5%. Taking into account the large number of vehicles on
road (30 million in the UK in 2010 according to the Society of Motor
Manufacturers and Traders) and fuel
consumption of 12.5 miles/litre, the potential fuel saving would accrue to

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Postdoctoral research associate position in mechanics of materials, morphogenesis and biosinspired structures

One postdoctoral research associate position is available (dates negotiable). The successful candidate will work on one or multiples of the following topics: mechanics of morphogenesis in plants and embryos, fast motion of plants (e.g., the Venus flytrap's rapid closure), mechanical self-assembly and instability of thin structures (e.g., DNA, plant tendrils, self-assembly of nanostructures, etc.), and bioinspired structures. The candidate should have received (or expect to receive very soon) a Ph.D.

2 Computational mechanics faculty positions

We will soon be looking for a tandem of 2 faculty members: one senior, with management, leadership and funding track-record, another more junior (assistant/associate professor level) to work in tandem with the first. Adverts should come out soon, but feel free to get in touch with me should you require more information. Stéphane  - stephane dot bordas at alum dot northwestern dot edu

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Postdoctoral position within the ERC Starting Grant Modeling and Simulation of Cancer Growth


A full-time post-doctoral position is available within the ERC Starting Grant Project MuSIC -- Modeling and Simulation of Cancer Growth, which is led by Prof. Hector Gomez. The general goal of the project is to develop biophysical models to predict cancer growth.


The successful applicant will have a strong background on Medical Image Processing and the Finite Element Method or, preferably Isogeometric Analysis. Knowledge about the biology of cancer, and cancer modeling is desirable.


Jobs in Simulation and Theory of Nanofriction (Erio Tosatti's Group, SISSA and ICTP Trieste)


Funded through ERC Advanced Research Grant Project 2013-2018 ‘Modeling the Physics of Nano-Friction’, SISSA and ICTP open postdoctoral positions, in the group of Erio Tosatti (, in the area of theory modeling and simulation of nanofriction and nonlinear dissipation phenomena.

PhD Program in Computational Mechanics and Advanced Materials

We would like to highlight to all the interested students that is now opened the competition for the academic year 2013-2014 (starting from November 1, 2013) for 5 positions in PhD program in "Computational Mechanics and Advanced Materials" hosted by the The Institute for Advanced Study of Pavia, in cooperation with the University of Pavia. The program chairman is Prof. F. Auricchio.

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Lockheed Martin funded Post-Doctoral Position: Carbon Nano Structured Materials at Masdar Institute, Abu Dhabi

Applications are invited for the position of "Post‐doctoral Research Fellow" as part of a multi-disciplinary collaborative project funded by Lockheed Martin. The project's Principal Investigators are:

Dr. Kumar Shanmugam, Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Matteo Chiesa, Materials Science & Engineering
Dr. Amal Al Ghaferi, Materials Science & Engineering

Looking For a Graduate Position

My name is Seyed Ali Elahi. I have a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Yasouj University, and now I am MSc Student in Shiraz University of Technology. I am writing to apply for a PhD position in your research team. During my undergraduate study I have published three and submitted  another journal papers and I have presented ten conference papers. In 2011, I was awarded the best researcher award in Yasouj University among all BS and MS students. Please find attached to this email my detailed resume and my journal papers.


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