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EUROMECH Colloquium 540 Advanced Modelling of Wave Propagation in Solids

 EUROMECH Colloquium

Advanced Modelling of Wave Propagation in Solids

1-3 October 2012, Institute of Thermomechanics, Academy of
Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic


Hi everybody,

I am anurag working on damage mechanics of 2x2 twill woven composite, i will conduct the carbon/epoxy laminates under various regimes of service loas (quasi static  loading, low velocity impact, fatugue, post impact) and will also model crack propogation of the same using XFEM.I have studied FEM at graduate level.

Initially i will calculate mechanical properties of woven composite using unit cell method by applying homogenization process.

Call for Abstracts: Symposium 3.2/5.6 - “Molecular to Macroscale Mechanics in Biology and Engineering” at SES

Call for Abstracts: Symposium 3.2/5.6

"Molecular to Macroscale Mechanics in Biology and Engineering"

48th Annual Technical Meeting of Society of Engineering Sciences (SES) October 12-14, 2011 at Northwestern University (Evanston, IL)


SES 2011 XFEM Mini-symposium

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to invite you to submit an abstract to the XFEM session of the  
SES 2011 Annual Technical Meeting of the Society of Engineering Sciences which will be held this October 12-14, 2011, at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. 

The mini-symposium is seeking abstracts in the area(s) of enriched finite element methods, the extended finite element method and other related numerical methods.  We welcome fundamental  and applied abstracts relevant to this area.

Report from 2011 SIMULIA Customer Conference - Abaqus 6.11 Debuts

The 2011 SIMULIA Customer Conference has concluded, but the memories of the hundreds of presentations, partner exhibits, and Flamenco entertainment at the banquet will last a lifetime!  Check out our Blogs from the 2011 SIMULIA Customer Conference in Barcelona!


The International Conference on BioTribology (ICoBT 2011)

Invited Speakers...

  • Emeritus Professor Duncan Dowson (Plenary speaker), University of Leeds, UK
  • Prof. Mike Adams, University of Birmingham, UK
  • Prof. Pat Campbell, The UCLA/Orthopaedic Hospital, USA
  • Prof. Alfons Fischer, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
  • Prof. Steve Franklin, Philips Research, The Netherlands
  • Prof. Walter Herzog, University of Calgary, Canada
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Future Directions in Mechanics Research @ Brown University

Dear All,

            Welcome to the NSF workshop and Freund symposium at Brown University to celebrate pioneering contributions of Professor L.B.Freund on mechanics research.

           Date : June 1-3 , 2011

           Website (Under Construction) :

           For any help, please feel free to ask the Help Desk members. 

           We hope to see you at Brown University.

ICoBT 2011 - Register now at the Early Bird rate

The International Conference on BioTribolgy will take place at Imperial College, London 18-21 September 2011

Register now to take advantage of the early bird rate. To find out more and to view the programme, please go to

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ISCM III-CSE II, December 2011, Taipei, Minisymposium of "Multiscale Methods in Plasticity"

We invite the submission of abstracts for a Minisymposium of Multiscale Methods in Plasticity at the Third International Symposium of Computational Mechanics (ISCM III) in conjunction with the Second Symposium on Computational Structural Engineering (CSE II), which will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, December 5-7 2011. Abstract submission deadline is July 15, 2011. Please check the conference website for more details (

24th Nordic Seminar on Computational Mechanics


24th Nordic Seminar on Computational Mechanics 

November 3-4, 2011 - Helsinki - Finland

The seminar is intended for researchers developing computational methods and scientists and engineers focusing on challenging applications and covers all fields of computational mechanics. In particular, presentations by graduate students are welcome. 

 More information: 

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The 48th Annual Technical Meeting of Society of Engineering Sciences will be held October 12-14, 2011

The 48th Annual Technical Meeting of Society of Engineering Sciences will be held October 12-14, 2011 at Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois 60208, USA.  The meeting will have 43 symposia covering a wide range of topics in engineering sciences.  To learn more about the conference and submit an abstract, please check the conference webpage

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SES 2011, Minisymposium on Mechanics of Adhesion

Adhesion has long been an important issue for mechanics and many other disciplines. Its influence spans macro-, micro-, nano- and molecular scales. When size goes down, adhesion plays a more and more significant role. Many important technologies attribute to adhesion, such as transfer printing for advanced microfabrication,  super adhesives inspired by gecko foot hairs, and self-assembly. Adhesion also has strong implications on the behavior of nanomaterials (such as nanotubes and graphenes) and biological system (such as cells).

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Gordon conference on the Science of Adhesion

The GRC on Adhesion
Science will be held from July 24-29, 2011, at Bates College, Lewiston,
Maine, USA. TThe goal of this conference is to encourage communication
and discussion of ideas and new unpublished resutls at the very frontier
of adhesion science, by bringing together outstanding internation
scientists from academia, industry and government, while striving to
expand traditional adhesion science into new directions such as cell
adhesion, bio-inpsired adhesives and soft matter physics and
mechanics.   The GRC offer an exciting opportunity for young
investigators to get involved at the frontier of science.   Attendees
will not only be able to discuss the progress of unpublished research

Live Webinar: Realtime Design & Engineering Reviews Using High-End 3D Visualizations in Realtime

LIVE WEBINAR - Realtime Design & Engineering Reviews
Using High-End 3D Visualizations

We would like to invite you to join our third webinar
with Car Design News, the leading online resource for automotive design
industry professionals, transportation design students and enthusiasts

6.04.2011, 16:30 Europe Time or 10:30 EDT 


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