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Timoshenko Lectures

Listed in this post are the speeches given upon receiving the Timoshenko Medal.  Every November, at the Annual Applied Mechanics Dinner, the medalist of the year delivers a speech. Taken together, these speeches provide a long perspective of our field, as well as capsules of the lives of extraordinary individuals.

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Olga Voyance

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Merci beaucoup pour ce magnifique site que je trouve d’ailleurs très intéressant avec une belle interface, facile en navigation. Il est vraiment super ! Bravo et bon courage .
[url=]Olga Voyance[/url]

Memorial to Professor William Klug

As many of you know, the scientific community lost William (Bill) Klug to a senseless act of violence on June 1, 2016.  A memorial to Bill has been penned by his graduate advisor, Michael Ortiz.  It has been posted at the following website:

The page includes information for those interested in making donations in support of the family.  

delete an element set from abaqus *inp file

Hi every body,

I need to delete an arbitrary set of elemets in abaqus *.inp file before analysis running.

I tried to remove elements with this command in inp file-> (*Model Change, remove), But it does not work. may be because the model is 3D. (a tube)

Is there any way to delete a set of elemets in inp file? or I should write a python script for that?


I appreciate any hints on this problem of mine.

Thank you in advance.

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Coupled thermoelasticity

Hi Dears

Do You know that how many kinds of coupled thermoelasticity theory exist up to now???

If you can tell the names of these theories it's better and although If you know any good reference about this please tell me. 

thanks alot

I hope the best for all of you!


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Formulation of Continuum Shell Elements - ABAQUS

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I am looking for an explanation about the formulation used for CONTINUMM SHELL elements in ABAQUS.

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Prof. Kamrin from MIT will receive the 2016 Journal of Applied Mechanics Award

Professor Ken Kamrin from MIT has been selected to receive the 2016 Journal of Applied Mechanics Award for his paper Eulerian Method for Multiphase Interactions of Soft Solid Bodies in Fluids” (JAM 82, 041011, 2015).

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Samantha Daly is the recipient of the 2015 Eshelby Mechanics Award for Young Faculty


It gives me great pleasure to announce the outcome of the 2015 competition for the Eshelby Mechanics Award for Young Faculty. This award is given annually to rapidly emerging junior faculty who exemplify the creative use and development of mechanics. The intent of the award is to promote the field of mechanics, especially among young researchers. The selection committee consisted of: K. Ravi-chandar (UT Austin), Huajian Gao (Brown University), G. Ravichandran (Caltech), Roger Fosdick (Minnesota University), and Yonggang Huang (Northwestern University).

The Society of Engineering Science Establishes the James R. Rice Medal

On behalf of the 2015 Board of Directors of the Society of Engineering Science (SES), I am pleased to announce the establishment of a new SES award: The James R. Rice Medal. The creation of the new award is motivated by the recognition that while several societies, including the SES, have young-investigator awards as well as others that primarily (although not exclusively) target senior scientists, there are relatively few that are suitable for those who are in the typical mid-career age of 40-55. The award, named after Professor James R.

Strain calculation in ABAQUS

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I have some troubles in calculating the strain in ABAQUS. I have the following Model with one element (see picture) and a linear elastic isotropic Material (Steel), which is sheared in the x-direction. The analytical result of the strain tensor gives me in xz-direction 0.25 (see picture). The result in ABAQUS is 0.5. I ran the same simulation in CalculiX CrunchiX and got the expected strain of 0.25 in the xz-direction

Can anyone tell me how ABAQUS calculates the strain for a linear static analysis? Why is the ABAQUS result exactly 50% higher?

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Abaqus DISP Subroutine

Hi everyone!! 

I am a student studying in Hamburg University of Technology. I am currently doing my thesis and want some help in finishing it. I am finding it a bit difficult to do subroutine in Fortran as I am new to it. I have tried learning from Abaqus Documentation but I didn't get answer to my needs. 

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Hi Dears:

what is the solution when the jacobian in IGA Matlab code be zero??


Details about hydrogel mechanical test

Dear all,

I have some questions about hydrogel mechanical test. After curing, should i put samples in water (submerge in water) or not? I found there's big difference between same samples with different water content. Also, I can't get the tentile strength similar with literature with same materials. My tensile stress is more than 10 times smaller. I really don't know what did I miss.

I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you!


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Hi Dears

What is the difference between elastic wave and vibration?


Potential surface and yield surface


Would you please tell me the basic difference between potential plastic surface and yield surface with a physical meaning, if possible. I know that if both the surfaces match, then it is associated flow-rule, otherwise it is a non-associative flow rule.

I know that this is a very basic question, but I am facing difficulty in completely understanding it.


Thanks in advance.


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Temperature dependent material

Hi Dears and of course metallurgist.

Who person can tell me the relation between the material properties such as Yang modulus, density, thermal coefficient etc. and temperature??

All of properties follow from one relation to temperature? For example if E(T)=Ea+100T then the density and another property have the same relation like P(T)=Pa+100T ??



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Elastic wave propagation

Hi Dears:

Who works on Elastic wave propagation and its reflection? How I can fine the formolations of elastic wave after its reflection from arbitrary boundaries ?? Can you intruducing any refrences to me??

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[Help] How to define a variation of volume during a phase change in Abaqus?

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Dear friends,

I am a beginner in using Abaqus. Now I am doing a project which calls for a simulation of the phase change probleme (two demensional Stephan problem).

I did a simple simulation with water, more prescisely a water slab of 10 C at the left I impose a temperature -10 C, so I got the results of the profils of temperature in every increment of time. 


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