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Source for Mooney-Rivlin coeffcients for silicon rubber

Hi everyone,

I am trying to simulate the behavior of a silicon rubber membrane which is being compressed due to the displacement od an additional part which is bonded to it. I want to model the membrane as a Mooney-Rivlin hyperelastic model. Can therefore anyone provide me with a source giving C10 and CO1 coefficients for silicon rubber?

Any help will be appreciated,


How to set the element coordinate system for truncated cone composite shell in Ansys ?

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Hello, everyone! 

Now, I'am trying to analysis a truncated cone composite shell subjefcted to compression load in Ansys. But I don't know how to set the element coordinate system. I want to set the circumferencial direction as fiber direction, and the thickness direction and generatrix direction as transverse direction. Can any one teach me how?

Thankful to any adivice? 

Dry Gas Seal Primary vent suction perssure HI Hi

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We have installed new gas compressors solar titan 130 turbines
driven. Unfortunately, we have problem of primary vent suction pressure for dry
gas seal (John Crane) Hi Hi.

Our operating parameters are:

Compressor suction pressure: 60 bar.

Please support "Theoretical and Applied Mechanics" at Stack Exchange

Hello everyone,

I've proposed a new Stack Exchange site called "Theoretical and Applied Mechanics" for people intersted in mechaics related issues.  The current link is

For the proposal to be accepted to go to the next stage the site will need the  following:

- 60 people to follow the site

Hencky's hyperelastic material model.


I am working on my master's thesis. I have to find best fitting hyperelastic material model for simple shear test.

My task is to find most proper material model which will fit my laboratory test data. I have conducted the "single lap test" on bricks, using polymer PS.

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I need this book.

I need this book highly. 

anyone have PDF of this book?


"Impact strength of materials" by W.Johnson 

Journal Club Theme of March 2014: 3D Experimental Measurements in Soft Materials

3D Experimental Measurements in Soft Materials - from measuring cell displacement fields to complex hierarchical material deformations and beyond

The Why? - Why do we need 3D material deformation measurement?

Matlab Code for Material modelling

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Hi all,

 I want to write a matlab based code that will be able to describe material behaviour under uniaxial loading. So what I am interested in is the plasticity of a material. I want the code to be able to represent material behaviour after yielding and also cyclic loading.

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Liping Liu is the recepient of the 2013 Eshelby Mechanics Award for Young Faculty

It gives me great pleasure to announce the outcome of the 2013 competition for the Eshelby Mechanics Award for Young Faculty. This award is given annually to rapidly emerging junior faculty who exemplify the creative use and development of mechanics. The intent of the award is to promote the field of mechanics, especially among young researchers. The selection committee consisted of: K. Ravi-chandar (UT Austin), Huajian Gao (Brown University), Kaushik Bhattacharya (Caltech), Roger Fosdick (Minnesota University), and Yonggang Huang (Northwestern University).

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Which is older??

hi every body:

What's your idea?  The virtual displacement is special case of hamilton's principle or the hamilton's principle come from virtual displacement?  Or, Which is older?

Residual stress theory measurement new NDT.


Residual stress theory measurement new NDT.



The equipment consists of a vibrometer and a pulse generator at constant energy.
The elastic energy transmitted from the pulse generator at constant energy, on the surface of the metal, variable with the hardness of the metal itself. This elastic energy, however, remains unchanged at each corresponding hardness.

Vicky Nguyen is named Editor of the iMechanica Journal Club

vicky NguyenVicky Nguyen, of the Johns Hopkins University, is named Editor of the iMechanica Journal Club.  Vicky has a broad vision for mechanics, and has made contributions to diverse topics.  in 2008, she received the Presidential Early Career Awar

Carbon-epoxy composite plates with edge crack modeling by FRANC 2D/L

Hi, All

 Can someone help me for modeling composite plate contaning edge crack by FRANC 2D?

thank you


Abaqus Standard /General contact with penetration

Dear Colleague, 


I am running Abaqus Examle Problems Manual 1.1.18 - The self contact on rubber gasket.  


I tried to convert the self contact and surface contact definition to a general contact definition. However, the rigid surface just penatrate the model like this shown below.


Left image is the result for the inp from manual. The right one is the result for compuation with general contact.


Does somebody here want to discuss or maybe explain this for me ?


Thank you in advance. 


Abaqus "system error code 884"

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Hello again


Im running a simulation on Abaqus and i got the next text message:


Abaqus Error: The executable C:\SIMULIA\Abaqus\6.11-PR3\exec\standard.exe 

aborted with system error code 884. 

Please check the .dat, .msg, and .sta files for error messages if the files 

exist.  If there are no error messages and you cannot resolve the problem, 

please run the command "abaqus job=support information=support" to report and 

save your system information


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Call for Nominations for the Eshelby Mechanics Award for Young Faculty

It is my pleasure to solicit nominations for the "Eshelby Mechanics Award for Young Faculty". This award, launched last year, is given annually to rapidly emerging junior faculty who exemplify the creative use and development of mechanics. The intent of the award is to promote the field of mechanics, especially among young researchers. While interdisciplinary work that bridges mechanics with physics, chemistry, biology and other disciplines is encouraged, the ideal awardee will demonstrate clear inspiration from mechanics in his/her research.

hello , in NGUYEN V 's 'An Object-Oriented approach to the Extended Finite Element Method with Applications to Fracture Mechanic

hello , in paper :An object-Oriented approach to the xfem with Appications to fracture mechanics, in page172, the matlab code :mshmlab.m.

when i run the code mshmlab.m , this problem occured:

 ???Maxmium recursion limit of 500 reached, when i set(0,'recursionlimit',N).N=5000. the matlab crashed,

how to address this issue? 

ERC Advanced Grant 2013 to Professor Davide Bigoni

Join us to congratulate Professor Davide
Bigoni, who has just been awarded with the ERC Advanced Grant
Proposal 340561 - Instabilities and nonlocal multiscale modelling of
materials, years 2014-2018, 2.4 M.

Congratulations Davide!



More on Davide's research:


Change of basis for deviatoric second order tensors

Dear mechanicians
I remember reading somewhere that someone had a proof of the following:
Given a deviatoric/traceless second order tensor it is possible to find a basis for which all the normal/direct components equal zero.
For 2d this is easy: a basis rotated 45deg wrt. the eigenbasis.
The proof concerned 3d and it may have been Gurtin that had it in one of his books (sometihng tells me "The Linear Theory of Elasticity" (1972) as I don't have access to this one), but I'm not certain.
Can anyone help me in this matter?

Thermomechanical coupled simulation

Hi all,


I am trying to input a termperature field as initial conditions in
abaqus, to use the temperature distribution from a previous temperature
simulation in an mechanical simulation. But when I check the Temperature
values in the mechanical simulation i get great differences between the
nodal values (NT) and the element values (TEMP).

Does anybody know the reason of this problem?


Can it be related to the element typ? So the TEMP values are the avereged values from NT?


Kind regards!


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