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Prof. Ares Rosakis has been elected to a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2009

Solid mechanician and Caltech Faculty Member Named to American Academy of Arts and Sciences: Caltech professor Ares Rosakis, is among the 210 new fellows elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences this year. They join an assembly that was founded in 1780 by John Adams, James Bowdoin, John Hancock, and other scholars to provide practical solutions to pressing issues.

Tom Hughes elected to National Academy of Sciences

Tom Hughes's picture Congratulations to Tom Hughes for the election to the US National Academy of Sciences.  See the full list of the new members.

Howard Stone elected to the National Academy of Engineering

has's pictureHoward A. Stone, of Harvard University, is elected to the National Academy of Engineering, for the development of fundamental concepts and novel applications in microfluidics and for improving the understanding of small-scale, viscous-flow phenomena.  Here is the full list of members elected in 2009.

Pradeep Sharma is selected as the 2009 Thomas J.R. Hughes Young Investigator Award

Pradeep Sharma's pictureIt gives us special pleasure to announce that Pradeep Sharma, of the University of Houston, has been selected as the recipient of the 2009 Thomas J.R. Hughes Young Investigator Award.

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Zienkiewicz passed away...

Name            Olgierd Zienkiewicz
Nationality     British
Birth date      18 May 1921
Birth place     Caterham, UK
Date of death   2 January 2009
Place of death  Swansea, UK

Biography of James R. Rice

Published on pages xv to xxvi of Multiscale Deformation and Fracture in Materials and Structures: The James R. Rice 60th Anniversary Volume, edited by Tze-jer Chuang and John W. Rudnicki, Solid Mechanics and Its Applications, Volume 84, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 2001.  This text is also available for download as a PDF file or a WORD file.  

Nowinski Lecture

Professor Yonggang Huang from Northwestern University presented this
year's Nowinski Lecture at the University of Delaware on 12/5/2008,

Two materials scientists join the faculty of Harvard University

Evelyn L. Hu, a pioneer in the fabrication of nanoscale electronic and photonic devices, has been named Gordon McKay Professor of Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering in Harvard University’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), effective Jan. 1, 2009.  Read more

2008 Timoshenko Medal Acceptance Speech by Sia Nemat-Nasser

Sia Nemat-Nasser

Delivered at the Annual Dinner of the Applied Mechanics Division, in the Back Bay Ballroom, Sheraton Hotel, Boston, in the evening of 4 November 2008, the Election Day of the United States of America 

You are cordially invited to attend a reception in honor of Professor John W. Hutchinson

John W. HutchinsonYou are cordially invited to attend a reception in honor of Professor John W. Hutchinson during the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition.  Download a printable version of this invitation.

Monday, 3 November 2008, 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Shih Choon Fong won the Ted Belytschko Applied Mechanics Award

C. Fong ShihProfessor Choon Fong Shih, President, National University of Singapore; Founding President, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

For lasting contributions to mechanics, and for building bridges between disciplines and between nations

Sia Nemat-Nasser won the 2008 Timoshenko Medal

Sia Nemat-NasserSia Nemat-Nasser, Distinguished Professor of Mechanics and Materials, The University of California, San Diego

Richard D. James won the Warner T. Koiter Medal

Richard D. JamesRichard D. James, Russell J. Penrose Professor, University of Minnesota

For pioneering the modern vision of phase transformations and materials instabilities in solids.

Ali H. Nayfeh is the inaugural winner of the Thomas K. Caughey Dynamics Award

Ali Hasan NayfehAli Hasan Nayfeh, University Distinguished Professor, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

For seminal analytical and experimental contributions to nonlinear dynamics and structural mechanics

Thomas C.T. Ting won the Daniel C. Drucker Medal

Thomas C.T. TingThomas C.T. Ting, Professor Emeritus, the University of Illinois at Chicago; and Consulting Professor, Stanford University

For significant contributions to the development of the Stroh formalism of anisotropic elasticity, and to the analyses of several fundamental inelastic and wave propagation problems

Chad Landis Won The Thomas J.R. Hughes Young Investigator Award

Chad M. LandisProfessor Chad M. Landis, Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, The University of Texas at Austin

For outstanding contributions to the mechanics of active materials

In Memoriam: Professor Dusan Krajcinovic

Dusan Krajcinovic (1935-2007)Dusan Krajcinovic received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Belgrade (1958, 1966) and his PhD in Civil Engineering from Northwestern University in 1968, working with Prof. George Hermann.

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2008 ASME Applied Mechanics Awards Recipients Announced

The Applied Mechanics Division (AMD) of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is pleased to announce the winners of the 2008 awards.

ASME Society Level Awards
Timoshenko Medal
:                                  Sia Nemat-Nasser, University of California, San Diego
Warner T. Koiter Medal:                          Richard D. James, University of Minnesota
Daniel C. Drucker Medal:                       Thomas C.T. Ting, Stanford University

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Professor Shih receives Honorary Degree from Brown University



Brown University announced on May 6th 2008 that NUS president Shih Choon Fong is one of the seven honorary degree recipients in this year's commencement. The announcement reads as follows: 



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