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looking for a self avoiding walk code

HI There,

I am going to generate a polymer chain and I am looking for a hexagonal self avoiding walk (SAW) code (computer program), most 3D free code (C nad fortran) are for qubic latice. 



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nonlinear buckling analysis in ansys

hi, i am modeling a composite shell in ansys for nonlinear bucklin analysis.

i have to apply a displacement from one end keeping radial and circumferential degree constant. I have used shell 4node 181 for modelling and element elemrnt size 10.

Also i have to applied a torque of 0.0005 degree so as to perform torsional analysis on shell.

I am confused how to apply this axial displacement and radial degree of displacement to shell in ANSYS 11.


Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica, Vol 24 issue 1 online now

Dear colleague, 

   The 1st issue in 2010 (Volume 24, Issue 1) of Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica (AMSS) is now online.

   Welcome to this SCI-indexed journal <> for rapid publication of your exciting results.


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hello everyone... i just want to know can any body tell me about the degisn data of impeller of ship like size and shape of blade and the rpm at which impeller is moving..???

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International Journal of Applied Mechanics (IJAM) Vol. 3 No. 2

               Forthcoming papers of International Journal of Applied Mechanics (IJAM) Vol.3 No.2:


  • “Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics Of Dielectric Elastomers”, Xuanhe Zhao (Duke University,  USA), Soo Jin Adrian Koh (IHPC, Singapore), Zhigang Suo, (Harvard University,  USA)

Concrete beam with piezoelectric sensors in ABAQUS

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I am trying to model piezoelectric sensors on a concrete beam in ABAQUS. Since I am using brttile cracking model, I have to use ABAQUS / Explicit. But piezoelectric elements are not available in ABAQUS / Explicit.

In some papers I saw that the piezoelectricity modeling problem in ABAQUS / Explicit is solved by replacing it by an equivalent Thermo-Mechanical problem. Does anybody know how to accomplish this?

Do you have any suggestions? Are there any other ways to model piezoelectricity in ABAQUS / Explicit?


Ansys Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Columns


Has anyone or can anyone help me model a prestressed concrete column on Ansys?

I have to model several different prestressed concrete columns to compare to an actual experimental result. I am just getting my feet wet with ansys and any help will be greatly appreciated.


How to update the stress in umat when the load is constant?

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My friends 

I'm working on a constitutive model using umat in abaqus. There is a problem and can be described generally as follow:

Wavelengths of surface features

I am working on the surface features of steel . I understand that surface features are broken down into various wavelengths and represented as Wa to We (0.1mm to 30mm wavelengths). Could some guide me to a reference which shows how to go about this process from the raw surface profile data ? Possibly, it involves Fourier Transforms, but I need a basic reference which shows how it is done .




Abaqus Explicit

Is there any way to introduce prestress hold in abaqus Explicit?

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A simple case: Extended pore stress for Reservoir/Earthquak problem

Extended pore stress for Zipingpu/Longmenshan fault silp

* download the file (case.pdf) and change name to case.wmv, then it can be open normally! 


A paper on ILS : Inequality level set : A new approach to handle inequality constraints

Treating volumetric inequality constraint in a continuum media with a coupled X-FEM/Level-Set strategy

N. Bonfils, N. Chevaugeon, N. Moës

(accepted for publication in computer Methods in applied mechanics and engineering).

dewatering during excavation

when I model excavation with low permeablity soil problem is not converging,due to the negligible vaule of excess pore pressure throught the soil.How can I resove this problem for the real excavation time .(If I run the analysis within very short period of time , results can be obtained under undrained ccondition)

how can I model dewatering during excavation using ABAQUS

preforming preloaded buckling analysis in abaqus

preforming preloaded buckling analysis in abaqus

what is preloading?

Computational Mechanics

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Element for orthotropic material containing cracks??


 I am modeling orthotropic plate containing holes and cracks which element canI use for this purpose..?

 can anyone suggest what type of element I can use for above purpose..?

thanks in advance.......

Streamline Measurement Process with Technological Advance Tooling for Measuring Brake Disc

Any who has ideas on my reseasch project.

These are the topics are need to cover for now.

1. Wearing modes to classify the disc failure.

2. What are the latest advance technological technics avaliable to measure disc brakes more efficient, 100% accurate with scale of micro's and effective.

3. Any work that has been conducted on disc brake modes literature

4. How big is this problem brake disc failure global 



Could any body provide MPLG basic code to test my code for problems in linear elasticity.



oscillations in LS-Dyna acceleration-time output

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I hope this is the correct forum to post this in ... 


Dear all,

       I would like to ask you, how is it possible to simulate fatigue in Abaqus. I have created my loading. But if I run it as it is it will never reach a critical value, so you could say there is no damage evolution. Is it the only way is to apply some type of hysteresis loop evolution and say that after some cycles the hysteresis loop changes?

Any advice is more than welcome!




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