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Vibration analysis of composite plates using ANSYS

any body can help me for the vibration analysis of composite plates using ANSYS, or if u have any tutorial of it that may be useful....please help me

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abaqus damages material constants

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hello dears

i have a problem with abaqus in defining material constant for damage initation and evolution(c1,c2,c3,c4)

i dont know the equation that they depend. can somebody help me?

thanks a lot...

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Modelling RC component with ABAQUS considering bond-slip.

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Hello, all

I am trying to model a corroded beam under loading considering bond-slip effects. Following is the methods i used,

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Mohamed lamine Moussaoui

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modeling adhesive in ANSYS


i am studying adhesive joints of sandwich panel.I used contact elemet in  ANSYS software to modeling adhesive but my solution did not converge.I used smaller elements and increased the number of susteps, but they could not help me. do you know what the problem is?

thanks in advance,

Best Regards

Aidin Ghaznavi

Bridging the gap with a "stepping stone" for more solar energy

Converting the abundant energy from the sun into a form convenient for human use has been a long standing dream for sustainable generation of environmentally clean energy.  With the seminal discovery of water splitting by Fujishima and Honda in the early 1970s [1], titanium dioxide (TiO2), an inexpensive white pigment widely used in our daily life, emerged as the premier photocatalysts for enabling solar energy utilization. However, because of its wide intrinsic band gap, TiO2 can absorb only ultraviolet light. This results in less than 1% efficiency for solar energy conversion. Reducing the band gap of TiO2 is the main avenue for boosting the conversion efficiency. In a recent paper to appear in Phys Rev. Lett. [2], Zhu et

Effective strain range

HI everyone


I am doing research using Sih's strain energy density concept for predicting  fatigue failure in asphalt pavements.  I am pretty new in this area and got stuck while reading some papers. Anybody has some idea how to predict the effective strain range near the crack tip. 


ΔE= A/Rj∫ΔEeff dr


 how to get the constant A and β. 




sushanta bhusal

Contact Analysis using Abaqus 6.9

Dear All

 Currently I am working as a researcher and there is a new project on which i need some help. I have to do a contact analysis between two bodies initially and than move to low speed impact betrween two composite materials. I have just started using Abaqus and not very familiar with it. I have although completed some very basic application like cantilver beam and stress analysis, but struggling to complete a contact analysis between two bodies in a simple 2D problem.

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Impact of cellular materials

As the title suggests, there are two focuses of this discussion theme: impact and cellular materials.

Impact protection can be very practical problems in safety, fires and explosions, oil and gas industry, subsea structures, car manufacturing, nuclear industry, rocket space engineering, etc.

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Cohesive behaviour for Interaction in Abaqus Explicit at the interface of materials

I am working on effects of Blast Loading in sandwich composites using Abaqus. I want to incorporate Cohesive behaviour at the interface of the two materials in the sandwich composite structure i am analysing.

crack initiation simulation with FEM

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i want to simulate the the crack initiation, but i don't know

(1)what criterion should i use for crack initiation.

(2)how to deal with the mesh(unlike other fracture model, there is no crack defined in advance in the mesh).

the material i use is structual steels.


 could anyone give me some advice?


best regards


Shape Setting Nitinol

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I'm just wondering if anyone knows if there are any guidelines/references on the maximum strain in a Nitinol component during a shape setting heat treatment.  




Cockcroft and Latham Model


Is there anybody interesting with Cockcroft and Latham Model in machining modelling? In this model, how do you determine critical damage value?



Three-phase Hashin-Sthrikman bounds

Hello everybody

does anyone have some bibliography to suggest in connection with Hashin-Shtrikman bounds for a random  three-phase composite.

A question on UMAT implementation of non-local theory


Hi, friends,

Now, I am implementing the non-local continuum theory in ABAQUS through UMAT programming.

Unfortunately, I have been obstacled by the following question:

On one hand, in non-local continuum theory, the non-local strain of every particular integration point is determined by the global strain field all over the specimen.

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Unit cell model


I have modeled a two phase unit cell with one inclusion in a soft matrix. I have applied appropriate periodic boundary conditions. Load is applied a displacement. I have solved the problem using FEA through ABAQUS. Now I want macroscopic stress-strain response of the material.

What I have done is, taken the Reaction force and divided it by the area and similary displacement and didvided by length, will this give me the stress-strain response or do I have to use some homogenisation methods.

Thank You




thermal conductivity of brake lining


   any body to come out with the research in brake lining.


Fluid-structure Interaction in Cell Mechanics

We present an application of fluid-structure interaction analysis to the mechanics of red blood cells. For more information see the following link:

Please recall that we offer a special academic package, for research and teaching, for university users. For more information see:

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about tsai-wu failure criteria in ansys.....

sir,i am student of masters in cad/robotics from india,.,and i am doing my
thesis on ansys in drilling as topic.,.sir i want to know the application
tasi wu failure criterian in ANSYS.,.,how we apply this method.,,.i am
very new user of ansys.,.,if u have help files about this or any
suggestion please provide me.,.
i will be thankful to for your guidance.,.

Crystal Plasticity

I am interested in the computational crystal plasticity (elastic-viscoplastic models), and I intend to start working in this area. Therefore, I am looking for some review papers--

1- which provide an overview of the state-of-art in this area (a summary of the recognised single crystal plasticity models).

2- about the application of single crystal plasticity using micromechanics based  multiscale FEM for the prediction of texture evolution.


I will be very thankful if sombody can answer these queries.

Abaqus CPT with cohesion.

Hi all...

I am new to abaqus. I have to model cone penetration test (CPT) in abaqus.

I am using drucker prager plasticity and hardening to model the soil.

The cohesion (d) decreases as plastic strain increases. But how do i input this into the model ?

Drucker prager hardening inputs have yield stress and plastic strain columns.

So from cohesion, how do i get the yield stress values ?

Obtaining Stress Triaxiality in ABAQUS

Hi ,

     The latest versions of ABAQUS (6.8 & 6.9) gives an option to obtain the stress triaxiality at the element integration point with the input file command TRIAX. Does any one tried to use this? I used this in my input file but unable to find the respective variable in the .odb file to plot the Triaxiality contour.

 Thanks and Regards,


Tiaxiality in unit cell calculation

Dear imechanica Members,

I want to make a comparison between the results of a calculation of unit cell model and Gurson but I have a little problem on the triaxiality.

How to use the Riks algorithm in AbaqusCAE that the triaxiality remains constant during the loading of a unit cell?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards

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MPC omega method

Hello All..

i am finding the MPC omega method for the devlopment of Isochronous which i am searching in the ASME catalogue but it will want 599$ so it will not affodable anybody who will guide me..


Asit Rathod

about the multiscale aggregating method (MAD) of Prof. Belytschko

Hello all

I have spent a large amount of time trying to undertstand the multiscale aggregating method (MAD) of Prof. Belytschko. Unfortunately, I still can not compltely understand the method. 

If there is anyone here in the forum already gets clear about the method, please help me.



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