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A paper on stochastic multiscale fracture analysis of three-dimensional functionally graded composites

Given link is for a new moment-modified polynomial dimensional decomposition (PDD) method developed for stochastic multiscale fracture analysis of three-dimensional, particle-matrix, functionally graded materials (FGMs) subject to arbitrary boundary conditions.

ABAQUS and Soil Nailing Wall

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Hi there,


I have a question regarding ABAQUS and soil nailing wall. In face I want to know what interaction or constraint  can use to connect nail (truss element) and soil (shell element ) to work fine ? I tried tie but the problem is that when soil settled under loads it polls the wall inside and obviously it is wrong.


Thank you 

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A Theory of Ionic Polymer Conductor Network Composite

Ionic polymer conductor network composite (IPCNC) is a mixed conductor consisting of a network of loaded ionomer and another network of metallic particles. It is known that the microstructure of the composite, especially that of the electrodes, plays a dominating role in the performance of an IPCNC. However the microstructures of IPCNC have seldom been addressed in theoretical models. This letter formulates a continuum field theory for IPCNC by considering a supercapacitor-like microstructure with a large distributed interface area.

Local buckling

Dear all

I got to model the local buckling in Abaqus, but i do not know how. my model is a profiled steel sheet under distributed load.
does anyone have idea about this?

Thanks in advance

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Journal Club December 2010: Mechanics of Energy Storage

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   One of the greatest challenges facing the electric power industry worldwide is how to deliver the energy in a useable form as a higher-value product, especially in the area of renewable energy. By storing the power produced from immense renewable sources off-peak (e.g., daytime for solar energy) and releasing it during on-peak (e.g., nighttime) periods, energy storage can transform low-value, unscheduled power into schedulable, high-value “green” products.

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Polyethylene Foam Damping Coefficient


I am doing drop test simulation in Ls-Dyna for a transport system consisting of polyethylene foam as cushioning material. Does anybody know damping coefficient value levels for LDPE (Low density polyethylene) foam materials in the range of density of 30-80 kg/m3. 

Thanks in advance


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Li Ion Battery

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Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

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Record of ANSYS - IOSO Robust Optimization for CFD Webinar

Dear Colleagues,

The official version of ANSYS - IOSO RDO for CFD Webinar record is available:

After the filling the form you can immediately start watching.

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Newton’s laws and a dynamic force-field analogy for analyzing organizational changes

The abstract of the paper is as follows (to appear in International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education)

 A dynamic force-field analogy for analyzing organizational change is presented. Instead of

just analyzing the driving and restraining forces in the traditional force-field analysis, which is similar to

corotational formulation for 3D beam

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Backstress in Material Ratchetting

Dear All,I am studying cyclic loading, Plasticity and metal ratchetting. All the publication related to these topics mention about backstress. Please somebody explain me what is the backstress. Could you please suggest me a reference to learn fundamentals?bandula


Cannot see result summary at ansys

Hi, everyone ,,,I am a new user using ansys, i am working with pipe model. I build my pipe with solid 42 and solid 45 and meshing it. However,after running it,  I cant see the result summary at POST1 even in the output window the result showed. Any one have a problem like this? if to solve it ,,,thanks

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Inelastic hosts as electrodes for high-capacity lithium-ion batteries

Silicon can host a large amount of lithium, making it a promising electrode for high-capacity lithium-ion batteries.  Upon absorbing lithium, silicon swells several times its volume; the deformation often induces large stresses and pulverizes silicon.

structural engineering

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dracker prager plasticity model with softening

Hi my friends,i am using Dracker prager plasticity model to simulate uniaxial compression (softening) of coal dracker prager, the shear criterion is linear, and the hardening type is compression. there is a table that i should fill out, this table composed of yield stress and abs. plastic stain. my question is:- how can i fill out this table by using the experimental data (stress-strain diagram for uniaxial compression test) ?? shall i convert these data using any equations??

Beam on elastic foundation

Dear All,

I am wondering that is there any closed form solution for beam on elastic foundation in case which we have got two stiffness for the springs namely (axial and shear stiffness). The axial force are born because of the some loading conditions in the support.Would you please help me about this?

Thank you,


Strain stiffening induced by molecular motors in active crosslinked biopolymer networks

We have studied the elastic response of actin networks with both compliant and rigid crosslinks by modeling molecular motors as force dipoles. Our finite element simulations show that for compliant crosslinkers such as filamin A, the network can be stiffened by two orders of magnitude while stiffening achieved with incompliant linkers such as scruin is significantly smaller, typically a factor of two, in excellent agreement with recent experiments.

stability analysis of rotating cantilever shaft-disk systems

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i am doing my research project on stability analysis of a cantilever rotating shaft-disk systems. i need to study  some basic theory about this. please suggest me  some books or publications. my email id is

how can i overcome divergent problem in abaqus standard

hi my friends,

i am using abaqus standard Mohr-Coloumb plasticity to model uniaxial compression test, so i have sample and (upper and lower platen) to represent the compression machine , i apply the load through the movement of the upper platen, the stress strain diagram of my material is strain softening.


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