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Saint-Venant’s Principle and Its Proof : History and Review

In this article the history of development of Saint-Venant’s Principle is reviewed, referring to the most important events concerning the principle as the historical clue, and the important works and results are evaluated; the view-points that Toupin Theorem can not be considered as a mathematical expression of Saint-Venant’s Principle and that the general Saint-Venant’s Principle does not stand, but modified Saint-Venant’s principles can be proved true are published and explained; the mathematical approaches for eslablishing modified Saint-Venant’s principles are summarized; the significan

FRP using shell 99

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hi everyone,           i attached FRP strip and u-wraps to the concrete beam. i simulate it in ansys using shell 99 for FRP strip and uwraps. but i have a problem that the beam behaves as if the FRP does not work, and the failure load is as the same for the beam without FRP. however i merged the joints between FRP strip and uwraps and the concrete joints. i hope if somenone knows the reply, i need this reply very soon.  thank you so much for cooperation.

Scaling dynamics of seismic activity fluctuations

We study the dynamics of the seismic activity in Mexico within a framework of dynamic scaling approach to time series fluctuations, recently suggested by Balankin (Phys. Rev. E, 76 (2007) 056120).We found that the relative seismic activity and the long-sampled fluctuations of seismic activity both display a self-affine invariance within a wide range of consecutive seismic evens.

Topological crossovers in the forced folding of self-avoiding matter

We study the scaling properties of forced folding of thin materials of different geometry. The scaling relations implying the topological crossovers from the folding of three dimensional plates to the folding of two-dimensional sheets, and further to the packing of one-dimensional strings, are derived for elastic and plastic manifolds. These topological crossovers in the folding of plastic manifolds were observed in experiments with predominantly plastic aluminum strips of different geometry.


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Dear friends,


I want to find liquid and gas interface at the edge of the cube but I do not know how to do it. I know how to solve in on surface but I an unable to solve it at edge of cube. If any of u have knowledge please give me some suggestions.



Temperature differentials in ANSYS

Hi all,

I am modeling pavement in ANSYS. I want to apply temperature differentials of 3 degree F in/in in layers. how can i do that?

Also if anyone knows the modeling of pavement in ANSYS, can you help me more?


Abaqus: How can I fix the center of a gear? - Please Help!!


I´m trying to simulate the contact between two gears. Each gear has 60 triangular tooth and all of them are in contact at the same time. 
I have one external gear and one internal gear. The internal gear is driven by a torque applied at it center. 
I know that I should fix the center of the gear but I don´t know how to do it with Abaqus. Ive started to use two weeks ago.`I´ve already done the tutorials and reading the Manual!.

Please Help me!!

Best wishes


Static Load in ABAQUS Explicit


I have to do a simulation with two loads, a constant static load and a dynamic load that rapidly decreases. What is the best way to handle this? Should I create two steps one for the static load and one for the dynamic load and let the static load propagate, or should I just have one step where the static loas acts instantly and the dynamic follows an aplitude?

The problem with the two step idea is that when I create the static load as static, I cannot get the choice of Dynamic/Explicit on the creation of the next step.

Any ideas

moving heat sourse (laser) in ansys

hi everybody ,

i m quite new wd the ansys ,and was trying to simulate a problem of moving heat sourse  (laser )

laser is having a gaussian beam distribution and has to move wd some velocity over a face of the plate .how could i model heat distribution of the laser and how coulad i move it wd some velocity.. 

i hope i m clear,plz help me out. 

How Should Journal Club Work at iMechanica?

This has been a topic that the editors of Journal Club have been discussing for some time now.  We would like some feedback from the entire iMechanica community.

How to define the contact state if the corresponding cohesive element is under compression (ABAQUS)

Hi. I am currently using cohesive element traction-separation law for modeling interface element between FRP and concrete. Can any one tell me how to define the contact state if the corresponding cohesive element is under compression in ABAQUS?   Yes, it's said that there won't be any damage if pure compression is applied to cohesive element, but my questions is how to consist of assuming that friction occurs on the damaged part as there is no friction definition in cohesive traction-separation law.   Please add comments if you know something about this. Thanks for help ^_^

Reading contour integrals from Abaqus output database

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I am trying to read J integrals and K Factors from an Abaqus history output database, but I'm however getting a KeyError for 'setname=_PickedSet24' which is the nodeset generated from abaqus cae for the cracktip node. The problem is symetric CCT model using abaqus V6.8.2.  In addition, as the script aborts at this point, I'm not quite sure how it will respond to variables 'J' or 'K' for J-integral and stress intensity factors respectively.

strain evaluation in relaxed nanowires

Due to the existence of surface stress, the interior of a free standing nanowire is in non-zero stress state especially near free surface (see attached). This stress state corresponds to strain field in nanowires. A reference configuration would then be necessary to define the strain. Any good suggestions on the selection of the reference configuration?

Influence of moisture content on creep behaviours of polymers

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Hello everyone?

poroelastic model

I am currently working on a poroelastic model for an oil basin-I have tried and read through Abaqus manual to find out how we can apply Biot's Coefficient in our model or how it takes care of it-Does anyone have any clue about this?

Thermal Stress Analysis

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Hi Everyone,

 I am new to Abaqus. I am working on a research topic where in I need to study the transient thermal stresses, strains arised due to heating a body by thermal radiation.  From the user's manual I understood that I need to use "Sequentially coupled thermal-stress analysis" for my model.

Water fow simulation and sedimentation effects in a DAM

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Hello dear friends.

I am assigned with a problem to simulate fluid flow through a DAM (a reservoir) of water. If any of the viewer of this topic has worked or started working in such a problem or any open channel flow kindly email me at

I am currently working in CFX.

Sharing increases one's knowledge.

With best regards


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FGMs Plate model

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Nice to see all of you here. I am working on the mechanical
properties of FGMs. I want to know recently model for FGMs plate.
Multi-layered based on Mindlin theory can be applied? Plz help me to
know that.


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Post-Docoral Research Positions in the area of numerical simulations of coupled thermal-hydro-geomechanical processes

The Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Energy Resources Recovery & Management Department invites applications for one, or possibly two, post-doctoral research positions in the area of numerical simulations of coupled thermal-hydro-geomechanical processes in geothermal reservoirs. The position(s) will be available in October 2009 and will be renewable for up to 3 years. An earlier start is possible, depending on project development.


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