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El Haddad curve

dear prof. Ciavarella
this is my missing picture.. There was a problem to upload its, now I hope to see its.
I take this opportunity to ask you where can I find the security coefficients in AFGROW softwere??? it's so complicated... I have just installed it

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El Haddad curve

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Free Folding of Suspended Graphene Sheets by Random Mechanical Stimulation

Graphene edges, analogous to the structure of nanotubes, can significantly influence the overall electronic and magnetic properties of graphene nanostructures, and thus have become important issues in graphene research, especially for electronic applications. In this recent paper published on PRL, we reported that the free folding of suspended graphene sheets by random mechanical stimulation has preferred folding directions.

2010 Melosh Medalist

Phanish Suryanarayana, from the California Institute of Technology, is the 2010 Melosh Medalist for the Best Student Paper in Finite Element Analysis.  Phanish won for his paper titled "Non-periodic Finite-Element and Mesh-Free Formulation of Kohn-Sham Density Functional Theory".  He presented the paper on Friday, April 30, 2010, on the campus of Duke University.  

Please join me in congratulating Phanish!  

which meshfree method to choose to calculate slopeslide?

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can anyone give me some advice on which meshfree method to choose to calculate slopeslide? I saw few paper done on it. thank you!

ABAQUS (6.8, 6.9 EF) - Effect of the number of back stresses

Since ABAQUS 6.8, a new feature has been added to the combined hardening material input.

Let's assume a combined Kinematic and Isotropic hardening case, such as those happen in metals.

"Half cycle" uni-axial test results has been utilized to model the yield stress-plastic strain behavior as well as the Kinematic behavior of the metals.

In the same user interface,  there is an option to choose the number of back stresses.

Is the number of 1 back stress is equivalen to the case of linear kinematic hardening (Ziegler's)?

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looking for post-doc

Ramesh Gupta B, Aerospace Engineering Department, IISc, Bangalore. INDIA. Pin: 560012. (91) 9242844936 

April 30, 2010


Dear Sir,


Nonlinear Heat Transfer Analysis of The Laser Deposition Process

We present an interesting application of ADINA for simulating the Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS) process, widely used for rapid prototyping in different industries:

Please recall that we offer a very attractive academic package, for research and teaching, for university users. For more information see:

First-order reliability method (FORM) for Matlab?

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I am wondering if there is a source code for first-order reliability method (FORM) or second-order (SORM) available out there, ideally for Matlab but others would be interesting as well.

If not, has anyone programmed this themself?  What literature source did you base it upon?

Thanks in advance for any help!

The strength properties of European white fir

Hi there,

coule you tell me the strength properties of European wihte fir?

thank you!

Wrong pore pressure and effective stress state in ABAQUS


I want to model an anchored sheet pile wall placed in a completly saturated clay material, where
the excavation steps on the left side of the wall have to be taken into account.

I am using the keyword in ABAQUS "*Model change, Remove" to remove my elements, so I can
simulate the excavation steps. Unfortunately, my pore pressures seem stranges in the
model when I am using this keyword.

question about explicit integration

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Hi everyone,

Simulation using Abaqus

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Dear Friend,

I am doing my PhD and my topic includes Simulation of Orthogonal Cutting Process in Abaqus. I am very new to Abaqus. May i request you to please send me some helping tutorials/files for the same. I shall be highly obliged.




Why different between Solid5 and C3D8?

Has anyone compared the results of Ansys solid5 element and Abaqus c3d8 element? I tried a very simple example with

exactly same conditions for both elements but got very different displacement results. I put both input files here,

can anyone help me check whether there is something wrong? Thanks.

Ansys Input:

Flexible Linear Shaped Charge Modeling

Hi !!! all

I am doing the Hydrocode simulation using AUTODYN 2D Explicit Hydrodynamic Code. There is apoint of doubt in simulation of a 2D problem regarding the location of Detonation inside the explosive. In the case of a conical shaped charge it is very easy to assume the detonation at the apex of the cone but in case of FLSC being a linear cord and the initiation is done axially, it is very difficult to assume the same condition as that of conical shaped charge.

Please give me some useful solution.

J versus r

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Macro in Hypermesh TCL code and Matlab

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Hi all,

I need to create a macro in Hypermesh with a TCL programming code. I have two problems. I've had the code yet, but It's written in Matlab code, I've heard that TCL can talk to Matlab by DDE. The second problem is that I don't know anything about TCL code. Anyone can help me, anyway?


Many thanks 


Hi all.

I'm Filippo, a new entry on imechenica community. I'm looking for a simple UEL code for Quad_2D-plane stress or plain strain.

Here's someone that can suggests manual or similar. 

I'm grateful in advance. 

swiching Nodal Result output to Integration Points in ANSYS

Hi every body

i modeled a plane with a notch with elastic-perfect plastic material. somewhere in model the stress reaches above the yield stress

so i think the reason is that ANSYS reports the nodal result output by default wish they interpolated from integration points results.

i want to see the integration points results but i dont know where to finde them.

RC beam column joint wrapped with FRP sheets under cyclic loads

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Hi all


I am currently in my Master Degree in Civil Engineering . I am doing a research on concrete wrapped FRP sheets  with seismic loads and I want to do Finite Element Analysis using ANSYS. I already model concrete in ANSYS. Can anyone please help me  how to apply CYCLIC LOADS to the model.

and is it  necessary to make contact between different parts of solid element or not?


Awaiting the reply....



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