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Curve Fitting for Viscoplastic (Anand) Model in ANSYS

Hello everyone, 

            I would like to know if it is possible to use TBFT option in ANSYS to curve-fit Anand's model parameters using experimental force-displacement data.

     I am aware that the ANSYS manual  has description for hyperelastic and even chaboche model, but is there an established procedure to obtain Anand model parameters using experimental curve fitting ? 


Thank you. 


 Hi my friends!

I hope everythin's ok! 

As I previously said I'm doing some researches about fully developed turbulent flow inside an annuli.Now I've faced some problems. Does anyone know how can I calculate Darcy friction factor for a fully developed turbulent regime inside an annuli not using colebrook equations and moody diagram? is there any other way?

I'd be really thankful if anyone could help me .

PhD Scholarship in Geotechnical Engineering Postgraduate Research of the University of Adelaide

One research scholarship is immediately available to support a PhD
student to work on a project in Geotechnical Engineering area.  The project is funded by the Australian
Research Council (ARC) and lasts 3 years. 
The scholarship will provide a stipend of A$ 25,392 per annum (in
2014).  Tuition waiver will be
nominated.  Exceptional candidate is
eligible to be awarded an extra amount of allowance in appreciation of his (or
her) possible high quality research outcomes. 

New view of DNA

Recently, the classical view of DNA as an isotropic elastic rod has been questioned. Here we model DNA as an elastic rod inlaid with fibrils, based on which we have made prediction that is in consistency with experiments. Our analysis suggests that the bending of short DNAs can be facilitated if there exists a specific structural heterogeneity.

Journal Club Theme of April 2014: Challenges and Opportunities in 3D Printing: A Mini Introduction

3D printing, or Additive Manufacturing (AM), has drawn significant attention from both general public and research community in recent years.  Although the first prototype of 3D printing (called rapid prototyping) emerged about three decades ago and has gone through significant development, the recent explosion in its popularity appears to be mainly due to intensive media reports.

Is anyone familiar with deriving shape functions for different beam end conditions?

I am doing my research in nonlinear vibration of beams. In that research, I have to derive the shape function for different end conditions of the beam. Regarding this,I need some ideas. Are there books I can reference?

Thank you for your help.

ABAQUS fatigue and fracture

I am trying to find the rate of crack growth in steel beam under fatigue loading using ABAQUS... i am having trouble with the loading part.... How to provide cyclic loads in ABAQUS...and obtain the increment in crack length with time??? Please help

Nastran SuperElement

I would like to use condensation to calculate the normal modes of
a structure. These grids are connected to the structure through RBE3 (master
grid). Let me know if there's a way to use the master grids of RBE3 elements in
the A-SET?

the error form the f06  



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Optimization techniques to simulate clamped cornered plates and pinned nodes using ABAQUS?

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Free Tags: 

Can any help me know about how to optimize using ABAQUS? 


I am working on mode localization of composite plate, kindly help 

"How I published in a scientific journal at age 12"

Suganth Kannan writes writes about the inspiration behind his model for earthquake prediction – and what he learned on his (“tedious but worth it”) journey to publication



How can i simulate failure and damage progressive in composite materilas using abaqus

I am new in using abaqus, please can any one help me with tutorials, book or anything that guide me on how to simulate failure and damage progressive in composite materials using abaqus.

Thanks you all 

Yeoh Model Parameter


I'm conducting a simple shear test (single lap joint) between aluminum bonded with 3M adhesive. 

Adhesive material is 3M VHB 4930 adhesive (acrylic)

Result obtains = 

Load vs Displacement Curve

True Stress vs Stretch Ratio

From the literature, mostly they used Yeoh model for 3M adhesive (Modeling and simulation of dielectric elastomer actuators,M.Wissler 2005).

The material constant for C10, C20, C30 I get from the curve fitting equation from the True Stress vs Stretch Ratio.

Extremely deformable structures. CISM 2014 Advanced School: Udine, Italy, June 2 - 6 2014

An exciting  short course on "Extremely deformable structures" will take place  at the
International Centre for Mechanical Sciences (CISM)  in Udine (Italy) from June 2nd to June 6th.

homogenization on abaqus

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I'm looking for how we can do homogenization on ABAQUS.
thank you in advance.

Je cherche comment nous pouvons faire homogénéisation sur ABAQUS.
merci à l'avance.

DMIG (superelement)

i would like to condense the model (superelement) using Nastran (PARAM, EXTOUT, DMIGPCH). 

but, i'm having few CONM2/CELAS1/CBEAM elements at condensation locations. i would like to know these (CONM2/CELAS1/CBEAM) elements will create any issue while condensation 

buckling analysis of pipeline under external pressure

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The buckling pressure of a uniform pipe under external pressure, can be evaluted by the linear analtical equation:


linear buckling pressure equation 

 I use abaqus to simulate this problem. I tried for different pipe length and boundray conditions, the buckling pressure varies a lot, and even larger than the linear analytical results. Does anyone know how long do I need to build for the model and how to set up the boundray conditions. Many thanks. 


Finalists for the 2014 Melosh Competition

Seven finalists have been identified for the 2014 Melosh Competition to be held Friday, April 25, at Duke University.  The finalists and their current institutions are:

Amin Aghaei, Carnegie Mellon University

Sourish Chakravarty, SUNY Buffalo

Gina El Jannoun, MINES ParisTech

Mhadi Moghadam, UCSD

Phani Motamarri, University of Michigan

Nathan Roberts, University of Texas

Timothy Truster, University of Tennessee

Please join me in congratulating the finalists!!! 

Abaqus composite material shell interlaminar stress recovery

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How do I recover the interlaminar stress/stresses 13, 23, or xz, yz for a composite laminate when using shell elements in Abaqus?

What type of elements should I use?


Fatigue analysis in ANSYS

I am lookimg for some study materials related to fatigue analysis of lightening column under low cyclic wind loading. Is there any specific ANSYS documentation for this research.  I would be happy to get it. 

RCC modeling in abaqus

It is necessray to define tension stiffening parameters in RCC model.


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