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Injection_mass.PROF for combustion simulation in ANSYS

Dear All,

Please help me in finding Injection_mass.PROF file for combustion simulation in ANSYS ICE, 


Thanking you,


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A perspective paper on flexoelectricity by Prof. Pradeep Sharma

A perspective paper on flexoelectricity by Professor Pradeep Sharma (University of Houston) is published in the March (2016) issue of the Journal of Applied Mechanics.  A perspective paper describes an important, emerging field in mechanics.  The first perspective paper, by Professor Huajian Gao (Brown University), has been downloaded more than 8000 times since its publication.  This new paper by Professor Sharma is the 3rd perspective paper published in JAM.  The paper is attached.

Orthogonality and closure relations in Stroh formalism

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Orthogonality reationDear iMechanica members,

I deal with exteded Stroh formalism for piezoelectric media. I have problems with orthogonalization of Stroh´s matrices A, B, respectively how to fulfil the ortogonality relations (see attachments). I tried to "rape" it and made the left matrix inverse of the right matrix (then the product is an unit matrix) and I became very similar singularity expomemt as in the paper

VUMAT Algorithm for writing Cockcroft Lathom model

Can someone advise me the algorithm for writing VUMAT for C-L model? I have doubts mainly in following steps.

1. Will Elastic and plastic predictor step be similar as isotropic hardening model given in VUMAT example pdf?

2. How to couple damage prediction steps?

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A few experimental studies on the dynamic behavior of foam-like aligned carbon nanotubes

I'm posting a few experimental studies we have conducted on the dynamic behavior of hierarchical fibrous materials, using vertically aligned carbon nanotubes as a model material. I hope these will be useful to those who are interested in buckle-instabilities, multiscale behavior, and energy absorption mechanisms.

An overview:

Localized compliance with Castigliano's theorem

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I'm attempting to compile a local compliance matrix using Castigliano's theorem as described here. I'm having trouble with it and attempted to do a simple example by hand and picked the double cantilever beam specimen and analyzed it with Euler-Bernoulli beam theory (attached). Despite my best efforts, I can't reproduce the correct answer using the theorem as is but only if I modify the limits of integration.

Modelling cyclic behaviour of soil using UMAT

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I have been trying to model the cyclic behaviour of soil. I got a UMAT. But when I'm using UMAT, it is creating lot many errors (like numerical singularity and excessive distortion). I have constrained it properly. I tried running my model with an inbuilt material (clay plasticity) and I'm getting results. Here I'm not even able to move from the initial geostatic step. Can anyone please help

Interalaminar damage model

Dear iMechanicas,


I need advices from experts regarding choosing a proper interalaminar damage model for the implementation into the theory of plates and shells. I am going to apply a failure criterion which is straight forward but concerning the degradation procedure of material properties I may need some suggestions.


Best regards,


PhD Student Position in Mechanical Properties of Materials at the Micron Scale

Job description: We are seeking innovative and highly motivated PhD candidates to join the FROG lab in the mechanical engineering department at the University of Ottawa.

UMAT and VUMAT Subroutines for GTN Model

Hi Friends,


                I want to implement GTN damage model in abaqus/Explicit and Standard analysis. Is there any example tutorial or avaliable material. Please forward to me. 



Vinod Kumar

Damage Failure Model Data for Modified 9Cr-1Mo Steel

Can anyone know the data for the following (Johnson Cook Failure Model)

J.C. Damage Constant parameters (d1, d2, d3, d4, d5) , Transition Temperature Melting temperature and strain rate constants

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Mechanical Self-Assembly of a Strain-Engineered Flexible Layer: Wrinkling, Rolling, and Twisting

Self-shaping of curved structures, especially those involving flexible thin layers, is attracting increasing attention because of their broad potential applications in, e.g., nanoelectromechanical andmicroelectromechanical systems, sensors, artificial skins, stretchable electronics, robotics, and drug delivery.

Material Jacobian in UMAT





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Journal Club Theme of February 2016: Deformation Mechanics of Granular Materials: Local Deformation of Polymer-bonded Sugar at High Strain Rate Loading

Deformation Mechanics of Granular Materials:

Local deformation of Polymer-bonded sugar at high strain rate loading

 Addis Kidane, Suraj Ravindran

Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of South Carolina, 300 Main Street, Columbia, SC 29208



Mechanics of Cosserat Media

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We are trying to find out the work conjugate strain (and wryness) measures to T and M (stess and couple stress) and we know that in classical theory the conjugate strain measure is identified using the stress power, which appears in the power balance equation derived taking the inner product of the equation of motion with velocity. Please refer to the attached pdf for details.

1.  Given the equations of motion of Cosserat media (Eq 1 and 2 in attached pdf) how do we extend the procedure of calculating the stress power for Cosserat media?

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JAM in 2015

Thanks to the efforts of the associate editors and reviewers, JAM continues to publish very fast.  Among ~800 submissions in 2015, there are only 19 papers that are still under review as of February 1, 2016.  In addition, the acceptance rate continues to decline, to ~16% in 2015. 



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Thermo-mechanical response: Role of Porosity and Microcracking (in particular)

Below are references to some of our ongoing work that is published and is related to study the role of microcracking (in particular) and porosity to the thermo-mechanical response of functional ceramics. This study is  relevant to understand the structural reliability of the systems such as the SOFC's (solid oxide fuel cells) and DPF's (diesel particulate filters).

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Sardinia radio telescope finite element model updating by means of photogrammetric measurements

 The 64 m diameter Sardinia Radio Telescope (SRT), located near Cagliari (Italy), is the world’s second largest fully steerable radio telescope with an active surface. Among its peculiarities is the capability of modifying the configuration of the primary mirror surface by means of electromechanical actuators. This capability enables, within a fixed range, balancing of the deformation caused by external loads.

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How to calculate Stress intensity factor through FE programming?

Dear all,

I need to calculate SIF through a FEM program by writing some line of codes. The problem is that I wasn't able to find a reference contains straightforward formulation and procedure for this. Can anybody help me please with this issue?



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intrested in topology and structural optimization ? lets collaborate ...

i discover a new research field, topology optimization, i want work with 'matlabophiles' to make great things with this method....sure its gonna be successful


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