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is fracture mechanics fake science?



18 pt
18 pt

temperature rise in VCR & VAR

What is d significance of temperature rise in VAR & VCR, as in VCR after compression the temperature increases as a consequence of pressure rise and in VAR we heat the mixture to separate absorbent. Is it a coincidence or some logic behind it?

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Why fracture and failure mechanics is so important? From Southwest Boeing 737 cracks to future Boeing 787 safety

Even Jay Leno tried to understand fatigue cracks at his Yesterday’s Tonight Show, our research on fracture and failure mechanics is received great attention from the general public. Read more after this photo--

  Southwest jet


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Discussion of fracture paper #1 - A contol volume model

This is a premiere: my first contribution to the new ESIS' blog announced in January. Why comment on papers in a scientific journal after they have passed the review process already? Not to question their quality, of course, but animating a vital virtue of science again, namely discussion. The pressure to publish has increased so much that one may doubt whether there is enough time left to read scientific papers. This impression is substantiated by my experience as a referee.

Forging process simulation

Hello friends,

I am doing My Graduation in Mechanical, right now i am on a project and want to simulate Forging cylinderical billets in order to optimise the process parameters, hence it is required to optimize the process parameters like temp., speed , stroke, material flow etc. as a function of Die design and friction. I want to simulate it in ANSYS plz help me how to go for it, because finally i want stress, strain rate, strain, material flow as the final  result. 

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Simulation of single pass rolling through ABAQUS.

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What do we do?

Yesterday, as I was waiting for the rain to stop before I could walk home from work, a stranger accosted me in the lobby of the building.  He asked me what I did, to which I replied "Mechanics".  He mulled over the answer for a bit and asked me to be more specific, at which point I said that we were trying to design materials that could guide waves around objects.  He said "Water waves?".  I replied "All types of waves."  Clearly, common words can mean quite different things to different people.

Homogeneous beam

Dear members:

 I have some basic question:

What is a homogeneous beam? why do we use homogeneous beam ? what are the characteristics of homogeneous beams?

and Where do we use these beams? and what is beam homogenization ?



welcome to discuss problems about BEM

As we known,  boundary element method (BEM)  is a quite popular numerical  method.  But there are some problems. My research fields are computational mechanics and BEM (including fast BEM).  We can discuss these fields in this blogs. I am waiting for you! Thanks

Query about Ansys Shell Elements

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   Just need help to find out how to read results at intergration points in Shell Elemnts in ansys. I need 5 integration points across the thickness of my model.

Thanks in advance






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A blog for discussing fracture papers

The aim of ESIS is not only to develop and extend knowledge in all aspects of structural integrity, but also to disseminate this knowledge world-wide by means of scientific publications and to educate young engineers and scientists.

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Electrorheological (ER) fluids


Respected All Members,

 I'm Puneet Singh. I wanted to know
how to simulate the electrorheological (ER) fluids. I need help any type that will help me in simulate the electrorheological (ER) fluids.


The Nobel, Graphene and 20% Google

   GEIM CC wikipedia 2010Only after learning that 2010 nobelists AK Geim and Novoselov* got the inspiration for Graphene during a 20% time break from "ongoing"lab research.

abaqus damage evolution parameters

what should be the abaqus damage evolution parameters for the case of deformable body (aluminium plate) impacted by rigid projectile. the damage initialisation criteria is J-C model...

thanks in advance

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Mechanical vs Rheological Properties

What are the differences between "mechanical" and "rheological" properties?

Are "mechanical" properties a subset of "rheological" properties or vice versa? Or do they merely overlap?


Double effective stress of porous media (by Li chuanliang)

At present, the concept of effective stress has undergone three periods:

1. Terzaghi's effective stress         

            σeff= σ-p

A comments wordle

I was hoping to see Abaqus or Ansys as the top words. Instead I see help, thanks, stress and incident.

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Report of the Chair, The Applied Mechanics Division, 2010

This report will appear in the 2010 Newsletter of the Applied Mechanics Division, of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

SN curve(s) of an anisotropic material


     I was just wondering how many S-N curves would i need to  define the fatigue properties of an anisotropic material. For an isotropic material we just use 1-curve. Would that also  be enough  for an anisotropic material? We need 21 elastic constants to define anisotropic material. Would the number of SN curves be similar or be somehow related to the number or would the number of S-N curves required would be probabilistic in nature. i.e. we find the S-N curves along several planes and get a some sort of probabilistic distibution. 


Atul Jain

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Hi everybody,

          Can anybody tell me what is the difference between these two field outputs in ABAQUS?? First one is CPRESS and the other one is PRESSURE which comes under stress output??? Actually I want to know normal pressure for my work. Which one of these two will give me Normal pressure??? Thanks..

Crystal Plasticity- overview

I read this article today, perhaps other beginners like me can also get some benefit from this:

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Number of registered users of iMechanica exceeds 20,000

As of 11 May 2010, the number of registered users of iMechanica exceeded 20,000 , the total number of posts is 8191, the total number of comments is 14557.  The growth of iMechanica community remains steady since its launch.

Founded in September 2006, iMechanica aims


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