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Biographical Memoir of Zay Jeffries by W.D. Nix

I have written a National Academy of Sciences biographical memoir of Zay Jeffries, one of the great American metallurgists of the 20th century.  I am posting the link to the NAS website here with the thought that some readers of iMechanica might be interested in the piece.  Some will be interested to learn that Jeffries came very close to discovering dislocations some 18 years before the great papers of Taylor, Orowan and Polyanyi in 1934.



extract from the ADDRESS OF H. A. ROWLAND J OF BALTIMORE,M, VICE-PRESIDENT OF SECTION B, AUG. 15, 1883. SCIENCE 1883, pp. 242-250

(Chinese translation at the end)


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An Introduction Course on Mechanics


We are currently offerring an introductory course on mechanics for junior students for all fields and subjects.  It is a so called general knowledge course for students to know more on certain subjects and fields before a decision on choice of a major is made.  Since the Mechanics Department in our University has not been popular for so long, we have decided to evangalize our field with more glorious history of Mechanics: Newton, Bernoulli, Euler, Clausius, Faraday, and Einstein.

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