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what is the reason for Large element deformation?

Hi my Friends,

I am doing abaqus run for a copper specimen under hydrostatic pressure. The magnetude of pressure is in order of several Giga Pascals. In my material definition, I have defined stress-strain flow up to strain of 0.4. But as you can see in attached photo, some elements show very large deformation (considerably larger than 0.4). Knowing that I have not defined stress strain behaviour for srain greater than 0.4, how this can be occure? Unfortunately, niether adaptive meshing nor element deletation were not eliminate this issue!!


Best Thanks

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Subroutine DFLUX in ABAQUS

Dear Mechanicians,

time and again the question of modeling moving heat sources pops up, often in the context of laser heating.

One can achieve this using the subroutine DFLUX in ABAQUS.

I decided to post some links here to avoid responding with a longer explanation to every individual seeking assistance.

Please note that I have never worked with any one of these codes and have no access to ABAQUS at present.

No warranty is given by me.

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ABAQUS built-in SMA model

Dear Mechanicians,

time and again the question of SMA (shape memory alloy) modeling pops up.

In ABAQUS, you can achieve this only by (V)UMAT coding or by using the little-known built-in SMA model.

In the past I have frequently responded to queries on SMA modeling and could refer to a customer help site of SIMULIA. That site is down, regrettably.

I decided to post the files here to avoid responding with a longer explanation to every individual seeking assistance and uploading the files as E-mail attachment every time.

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Software to simulate injection molding

Appreciate any recommendations for software which can be used to simulate injection molding process in order to identify weakpoints in the molded parts.

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Characteristic length in ductile damage model in ABAQUS

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Hi All,


I want to model a dogbone specimen made from polycarbonate.

I model it using linear elastic plasticity coupled with ductile damage model.

For the damage, we are going to use the tabular form to described the damage evolution d with respect to equivalent plastic strain epsilon_p.

In abaqus, it is written that we need to input the d with respect of equivalent plastic displacement (u_p) instead of epsilon_p via equation u_p = epsilon_p \times L; where L is the characteristic length.


Simpleware Animations Contest

Send us your image data and be in with the chance of winning a free animated video and a 3D printed model

How to Enter

Send us your image data and a quick description, and we will pick the best entry. A video will be produced that can be used to communicate your complex 3D models in presentations, or to simply show off your scans to colleagues.

Perform a modal based shock analysis in Abaqus

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Hi guys,

I'm a new Abaqus user and I do not know how to perform shock analysis after frequency analysis in Abaqus. Can anyone help me with introducing the procedure or giving an example?

Thank you in advance. :)

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Master/Slave surfaces in abaqus, what is the concept?

Could some one kindly explain me what is the advantages of using master/slave surfaces in contact problems? Indeed, when we should use master/slave strategy? Best

Parametric study- PSF file - XY plot

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Dear all,

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Element delatation for Severe Plastic Deformation (SPD) process

Dear all,

I am using Abaqus/explicite. My material definition is elasto plastic with stress strain values up to strain of 15!. After borthering tries now I think if I can set "Shear Failure Criteria Element Deletation option", it is possible to avoid this error. But I cannot find this option. Could someone guide me what exactly should I do in order to add distorted element deletation option and how? (an step-by-step tutorial will be approciate)

More Explanation about process:

How to model the boat sailing on the water surface with springs/ connectors?

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Hi, every body,

How can we define "Bending Stiffness" in ABAQUS software

Hi guys,

I'm trying to simulate trsmition lines with and without dampers.

Who knows how can I define "Bending Stiffness" for a cable or beam?

thanks in advance 

bug on deactivate the crack propagation capability?

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Could anyone please help on how to deactivate the crack propagation capability?


Following section 10.7.1 in the User Guide of 6.13, the crack propagation capability can be deactivated in some step. But I tried it in a very simple example through CAE and input file, it does not work.


Particularly, the problems are 


How to deform an existing mesh from CT measurements?

Hi all,

I would like to know if someone has a trick to deform a mesh generated in Abaqus thanks to Computer Tomography measurements ? 

The file I received from CT is a .stl.

Do you know an open source software that can compute deviations between point clouds?

Thanks in advance for your support :-D

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Share/run engineering simulation codes in the cloud

I know the mechanics community have many codes to share. If you have developed engineering software including legacy Windows codes or linux codes, you can easily publish your code in the cloud and have it run on any devices including smart phones through The codes could be simple codes you wrote for your dissertation or comprehensive commerical package like ABAQUS or ANSYS. You don't have to change your code, no source codes are needed. All you need to do is to upload your executable through a very straight forward way which only takes a few minutes.

abaqus restart problem

Hi all,

    I've been facing a very strange problem now when I'm using abaqus to finish RVE multiscaling simulation: so far, what I've done is successfully  linking fortran and abaqus to run the whole calculation. At first, I met a small problem--- overwrite the old files(y/n)?---which has been solved by adding a "abaqus_v6.env" file whose content is as follows in the abaqus working direction:


Modeling reinforced concrete in ABAQUS

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Hi everyone, 

I am a master student working on my master thesis using ABAQUS. I am modeling an experiment, but the problem is that my results from ABAQUS do not agree with the experimental results. Can you help me to check if I have done any mistakes? 

ANSYS cyclic variable amplitude displacement

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Hi everyone... I've been working on a research study of Steel moment resisting frames. It includes finite element analysis of the frame in ANSYS apdl software. However, I'm facing a problem with the application of loads. The basic loading history for a single specimen testing program in the multiple step test in which loading history consists of stepwise increasing deformation cycles as shown in the attached file. In the basic loading history, the cycles shall be symmetric in peak deformations.

I need to apply the aforesaid type of loading on a particular nodes.

How to define a specific time active force curve in Abaqus

I was trying to create a load curve associated with time, such as a sine curve at the beginning, and then the force vanishes. Therefore, I cannot just use the periodic curve directly. I tried to input two loads periodic sine curves(same step) so that at a later time like t_0 the total load is cancelled. But it seems the displacement reaction is kind of weird. Is this the right way to do this kind of load-time curve, or is there another better way? Thanks a lot.


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strain/stress in local material coordinates

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We are doing simulations of simple bilayer composites which undergo extensive buckling and post-buckling instabilities. The simulation is being done with ABAQUS explicit to capture the highly non-linear geometries. Everything works very well, however to compare with our analytical theory we need the Green strain at each element. ABAQUS for solid elements gives only the NE or LE which is projected onto the global coordinate system.


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