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Functionally graded material (FGM)

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Size effects in elastic-plastic functionally graded materials

I hope some of you may find this work interesting:

Size effects in elastic-plastic functionally graded materials

Tittu V. Mathew, Sundararajan Natarajan, Emilio Martínez-Pañeda

Composite Structures, 204, pp. 43-51 (2018)

A post-print is available at

properties profiles in FGM


I am studying the mechanical response (behavior) of an FGM ( Functionally Graded Material )material that has a varying properties in the x direction according to the following Young's modulus formula 

   E(x)=E0*exp(ß*x)  for: 0<x<L

with: ß the non-homogeneity parameter of the material 

Emilio Martínez Pañeda's picture

Numerical analysis of quasi-static fracture in functionally graded materials

This work investigates the existing capabilities and limitations in numerical modeling of fracture problems in functionally graded materials (FGMs) by means of the well-known finite element code ABAQUS. Quasi-static crack initiation and growth in planar FGMs is evaluated. Computational results of fracture parameters are compared to experimental results and good agreement is obtained. The importance of the numerical fit of the elastic properties in the FE model is analyzed in depth by means of a sensitivity study and a novel method is presented.

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