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Johnson-Holmquist model in Abaqus



I am trying to model SiC as a ceramic material using the Johnson-Holmquist model. 

As in Abaqus this material model is not available using GUI I have to specify in the input file as shown in example 2.1.18 High velocity impact of ceramic target. 

In this example silicon carbide material has been used with following parameters

rho0 = 3.215e-9

G = 193000.

A = 0.96

N = 0.65

B = 0.35

M = 1.0

C = 0.009

edot0 = 1.0

T = 750

sigIMax = 12200

sigFMax = 1300

HEL = 11700

Abaqus non linear viscoelasticity and variable strain rates.

Hi ,


I am using abaqus to model a non linear viscoelastic polymer. I have input my relaxation test data as shear data for viscoelastic properties. I have added hyperelastic properties with uniaxial stress strain data as well.
However I find that the results of output stress strain only match for a constant strain rate.
Would it be possible to have the strain rate dependence reflect on the output.I would like to see the stress strain plot changing with changes in the strain rate.

Cohesive debonding using traction separation law

Hi Everyone,


I am trying to model peeling of polymeric film over metal substrate. I am uisng a zero thickness cohesive element layer between the film and substrate. In abaqus the quads mode is what I use and mode independent. I have a maximum displacement of 0.0001 m for damage evolution. I also have nominal stress normal only mode as 100 and Normal stress first direction as 50. 

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