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Post-doc positions in Computational Mechanics at University of Rijeka

Two post-doc positions in Computational Mechanics are open at University of Rijeka, Faculty of Civil Engineering, for details see


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Post-doctoral position in Computational Mechanics

One post-doctoral Research Associate in Computational Mechanics is sought to work on the Croatian Science Foundation project No. 1631 'Configuration-dependent Approximation in Non-linear Finite-element Analysis of Structures' on a full-time fixed-term contract for the duration of three years and six months or until the project financing has expired.

The project explores the configuration-dependent interpolation as a novel, unorthodox and remarkably promising expansion of the framework within which the non-linear finite-element method has been traditionally contained. The basic idea underlying the project stems from an apparent disparity between the rather advanced extensions of the traditional linear finite-element principles to non-linear problems and the fact that the key finite-element concept – that of interpolation of the unknown functions – is surprisingly kept mostly constant, i.e. configuration-independent. Enabling the finite-element approximation to become configuration-dependent is motivated by the existing need to improve the current non-linear finite-element procedures, in particular for mechanical problems defined on non-linear manifolds. This principle is presented as the general concept providing viable novel development paradigm with obvious benefits for a wider class of mechanical problems. The configuration-dependent approximation to be designed shall obey the essential convergence requirements, with its extra flexibility (arising from the potential of the new approximation to vary with the configuration) employed to improve the solution in some clearly defined manner.

More detail in the attachment.

Closing date for application: 16. January 2015

Gross salary: €20.000 per annum

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