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How to know the element number within an hetval subroutine

Hi everybody

I'm a new user of abaqus and I'm trying to describe the heat generation in a changing phase thermoset polymer using abaqus user subroutine HETVAL. I need for my computations the current element number (in such a way that I can find the adjacent elements in the connectivity matrix).

Does anyone have any suggestion?

Thank you

How to call UEXTERNALDB subroutine

Hi, I'm new user of ABAQUS. I'm trying to develop a model that involve one further output variable (the degree of cure of a polymer). I thought to use the subroutine UEXTERNALDB to write and read from an external file the array containing the values of this output variable in each element. But I couldn’t find out how to call this subroutine in the .inp file. Does anyone have any suggestion for my problem?

Thank you

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