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iMechanica Video: 2015 Xi'an JiaoTong University Commencement Speech by Zhigang Suo

This video records the Xi'an JiaoTong University Commencement Speech in 2015 given by Zhigang Suo, co-founder of iMechanica. The speech was given in Chinese. Keyword: Opportunity. See the script of the speech here. Google translate of the script is here.

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iMechanica Video: National Committee for Fluid Mechanics Films

This collection of videos was created in ~1969 to explain fluid mechanics in an accessible way for undergraduate engineering and physics students. See for notes associated with these videos.

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iMechanica Video: Richard Feynman Messenger Lectures

In these Messenger Lectures on "The Character of Physical Law," originally delivered at Cornell University and recorded by BBC Nov. 9-19, 1964, physicist Richard Feynman offers an overview of selected physical laws and gathers their common features into one broad principle of invariance. From 1945 to 1950, Feynman taught theoretical physics at Cornell. He went on to accept a professorship at Caltech and was named co-winner of the 1965 Nobel Prize in physics.

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iMechanica Video: Throwing a Needle Through Glass in Slow Motion

20 million views in YouTube. High-speek camera captures how a Shaolin Master throws a needle through glass. Dynamic brittle facture in slow mo. 

Like this video? Check out other iMechanica Videos in the "Mechanics in slow mo" playlist. If you don't see it, you don't get it.


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iMechanica Video: Why spaghetti never snaps in half? 130,000 fps slow mo video reveals

Challenge yourself to snap a spaghetti stick in half by bending two ends. It always snaps into three or more pieces, but not two. But why? Indeed this phenomenon has puzzled many people, including the great Richard Feynman, for many years. The puzzle was only solved in recent years. Slow mo videos by ultrahigh speed camera reveal why. Check out this iMechanica Video with 6+ million view on YouTube. 

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iMechanica: Engineering Research and Education in the Internet Era

This video records an invited talk by Teng Li presented at the 2019 US National Committee of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics annual meeting held at the National Academy Science Building in DC on March 29, 2019.  The talk lasts ~35 min. Q&A session starts at 36'00", with some interesting discussions about iMechanica.

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Introducing iMechanica Video

If a picture is worth of 1,000 words, a 1-min video is worth of 1.8 million words.  1,000 word/frame x 30 frame/s x 60 s. 

LOL, seriously? Maybe not. But a well made video does provide information in an effective and efficient way that is often times impossible via other media. 

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