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Toward realization of computational homogenization in practice

Dear all,

I have read the article of Yuan and Jacob Fish entitled "Toward realization of computational homogenization in practice" and realize that they have published the source code they used in their paper. Unfortunately, I cannot download the code from the link that the authors provided. I wonder if any of you have downloaded the code before. If so, please kindly share the code to me.

Thanks in advance.


Stabilization method in local instability problems

Dear all,

 in commercial FE codes, such as ABAQUS, ANSYS, there is option to get convergence in quasi-static analysis by using artificial damping factor. I tried to dig their documentation about this method, but it is somewhat sparse. Could some body recommend me some literature about this topic so that I can gain a better understanding about it.


I thank you in advance.


Sincerely yours,


Orthotropic plasticity model

Dear all,

Is there any one of you know a material model which can reflect the orthotropic , hysteresis, and load ratio dependence behaviors? 

Every helps would be highly appreciated.


Kindest regards,


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