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not smooth F-D curve_Simulation of indentation with elastic-plastic model

Dear all,

I have a problem now:

I simulated indentation on a elastic-plastic model with a rigid
indenter, the elastic ideal plastic with von mises stress model in

ABAQUS is used. A contact pair is applied to calculate the contact between the indenter and the sample.

The problem is that the obtained the force-displacement data in the loading part, which contains the plastic deformation
is not smooth, but in the unloading part is smooth. But if a model
without plastic is used, the force-displacement data is smooth.

How to get the integration reaction force of the indenter in Abaqus/standard

Hi, everyone,
Now I have a problem with indentation simulation. With Abaqus/standard, I set the indenter as deformable solid, and control the indentation depth of the indenter to monitor the reaction force of the indenter. But it seems the integration operator only can be used under abaqus/explicit, how can I get the integration reaction force of the indenter under Abaqus/standard.
Thank you, any help will be appreciated.

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