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Using OpenSees!

Dear all,


I am considering using OpenSees software in plane strain SSI analysis
under cyclic loading. I have understood, roughly, how the structure of
the input file and the Tcl scripting language work. Nevertheless, I
would like to know; I understand that to model a rigid body, in
OpenSees, you can tie the horizontal and vertical displacements of the
nodes of the rigid entity. Is there any other way? Or did I


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Eulerian Mesh for Modelling Solid Mechanics !


In modelling fluid-solid interaction, it is more common to use a coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian mesh. It would be advantageous, in a way, to model solid through an Eulerian mesh to establish a unified mesh for the whole problem; however, the litrature seems to be poor (or at least to me after searching Google) in that area!

I know that Lagrangian meshes are better for modelling solids. Nevertheless, it should not be the only way or is it?

Would you please advise on Eulerian meshes for solid modelling?   

Best regards,


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Wave-Structure-Foundation interaction (Fluid-Str-Porous Media int.)

Dear all,

can anyone direct me to litrature in which modelling the diffusion equation of fluid porous flow is unified with the free fluid flow. I mean that the porous media is considered deformable and equilibrium conditions are solved simultanouesly with diffusion eq. for porous flow and at the same time fluid velocities inside and outside porous media are linked together in a poroelastoplatic framework; where porosity and geometry are updated with each time step!

Thank you in advance!

Hisham El Safti

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