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Sealing Created Fractures


I have used cohesive elements to create cracks now I am interested to seal the created cracks in order to study stress changes so I need to add this as a step to my analysis-

Does anybody know any trick for doing this? Can I do this by keeping the pressure inside fracture constant?-please give me comments

poroelastic model

I am currently working on a poroelastic model for an oil basin-I have tried and read through Abaqus manual to find out how we can apply Biot's Coefficient in our model or how it takes care of it-Does anyone have any clue about this?


Does anyone have experience using poroelasticity model? I dont underestand the abaqus model -the logarithmic bulk modulus and.., where are these coming from?Is anyone knows a reference book to link those?

Using Abaqus for cracks in the rocks

Hello Everyone,

 My research is in petroleum geomechanics and I am Using Abaqus for my simulations of cracks and induced fractures in rocks around the wellbore I do have some problms and I will be happy if anybody can assist me:

1- I am interested in looking at Hoop stress at evry point around the wellbore ,but in Abaqus I can only see that in degrees of 0,90,180,270 of circular wellbore by using S1 and S2 ,naybody has a code or experience with that?

2-What is a correct method if we are interested in propping our fractures?



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