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getting interfacial strain

 i have modelled a 3D  RC beam and strengthened it with FRP and used cohesive elment for modelling the adhesive .

so for finding theinterfacial  strain between concrete and FRP ,which strain must I opt for namely , E, NE, LE, PE

And  i want to know what theses stand for(E11, NE11, LE22) . I hav read it in manual but can I get more information on this 

modeling cohesive element


 i am modelling a concrete beam with FRP bonded to beam with the adhesive. i hav tried to simulate adhesive using cohesive element Abaqus(from manual) for the past 2 months, but am getting missing  property definition for those elements.I am not sure the procedure I hav followed is correct, so please send me the procedure for modelling cohesive element and the contact between the adherent faces.

waiting for the  reply


study materials

Hi all,

 i have to model a concrete member retrofitted with CFRP ,adhesive is used at the interface  and strain is to be measured at the interface.

So i am in need of study materials  or sugessions for modelling ,type of interfacing to be used ,and the element types .

Thank you in advance for your help.

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