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x-y plot for an element set

I wish to plot say stresses at the centroid of each element in a set,

x-coordiante is x distance

y- coordinate is the stress.

Any simple idea please. Thanks.


tangential or Hoope stress in nodes around circle

Hi, I wish to plot tangential stress in nodes around a circle. How to accomoplish in ABAQUS? Thanking you.



Creating a path in ABAQUS using node set or elementset

Hi, I am interested to creating a path in visualising results in ABAQUS CAE.

Then I wish to plot xy plot of say x-distance Vs principal stress. How to achieve

say using node set or slement set.

I did by creating a path in the area of interest by many many mouse clicks.

I wish to avoid this, that's why I created node set or element set. After this

creating a path on this elset and plotting an xy plot is what my interet.

Highly appreciated to have feedback from experienced users. Thanks.



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