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Postdoc openings on Computational Mechanics and Scientific Machine Learning

There are multiple openings for postdoc positions on the intersection of Computational Mechanics and Scientific Machine Learning in the Bouklas Lab ( in Cornell MAE.

The work will focus on automated constitutive modeling, solution of PDEs and software development.


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Journal Club for June 2023: A perspective on the role of machine learning in constitutive modeling and computational mechanics


The purpose of this blog post is to briefly outline a perspective on the emerging opportunities and challenges that arise as the field of Machine Learning (ML) is quickly driving the development of tools that are becoming mainstream in the study of solid mechanics and computational mechanics, with a focus on constitutive modeling. By no means is this a complete review of ML-enabled constitutive modeling.

Background on Scientific Machine Learning (SciML)

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2 open PhD positions , Cornell MAE

Two PhD openings are available for Fall 2018 (flexible start date), in the lab of Dr Bouklas at Cornell MAE.

The research topics are:
a) Mechanics/multiphysics of soft materials and bio-materials.
b) Mechanics of contractile biological cells.
The areas of interest in both topics are computational mechanics, continuum mechanics, fracture mechanics, contact mechanics and stability.

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