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How much rock compaction is elastic ?

Dear experts,


I was just wondering to what extent rock compaction was an elastic process. My guess is that there is a limit strain above which decompaction can't occur (for example if grain crush and cement in denser type of material). But in reality how much is that compaction elastic for real rocks ?



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Shear waves, medecine and brain

 Usually ultrasound equipment in medicine only use compressional waves.
But since human tissues have a high bulk modulus, the P-wave speed is
relatively constant (around 1580 m/s). Human tissues are very stiff if
you apply isotropic constraints on them (like pressure of water).
However M. Fink and his colleagues proposed a new way to investigate
human tissues by first sending a strong compressional wave in the tissue
that is able to make ripples in the body, then shear wave are produced

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Question about stochastic Finite Elements

Hi to the community !

I would like to ask if anyone have some experience with stochastic finite elements in an industrial context ?

Would you know some software (free or commercial) package for stochastic finite elements ?

Why do I have the feeling that sfem methods which look to be very promising aren't used much in practice ? Am I wrong when I say that ?

Thank you very much for any help about that !

Thomas Laverne


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