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I am modelling an inflated sphere. The sphere is composed off two circular planar membranes joined together at the boundries. 
I have modelled the inside of the sphere as a fluid cavity and will inflate it to its threshold limit. 

I have achieved this by using the fluid cavity and fluid inflator method but for some reason when I run my input file I receive the following message: 

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Cylinder inflation using Abaqus

Hi All,

 I am trying to model the inflation of an enclosed elastic cylinder. The only example I have came close to in the Abaqus support documentation is the air bag inflation test. However, even reading the documentation, I am still unsure on how to model the airbag before an inflation force is applied. Can someone help me with this? You can also e-mail directly:

Any help would be much appreciated and thanks all for your time to look at this post :) 

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