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bauchinger effect

Hi! all

I have conducted several test of steel plate under cyclic load in order to get hysteretic cuve. some specimens showed a significant differences between tension and compression load. I read from texbook about this phenomena and it say because of bauschinger effect. Iam wondering why the diffrences to large and sometimes more than 50%. I am very appreciate if some one can explain about this problem.



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cyclic loading

Hi all,

 I am very appreciate if any one can help me to explain how to get hysteretic cuve using abaqus.

I have tried a cantilever plate subjected to cyclic loading but when I saw the graphic desplacement vs load, 

did not show a hysteresis loop. I  input the data of material (stress and plastic strain in isotropic hardening), because when I chose kinematic hardening

the program did not run. It may be the data is not completely. 

Thank you for your help




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cyclic loading

Dear All

I want to input data for cyclic loading in abaqus. The input data are equivalent stress and strain.

Can any one to help me how to get equivalent stress and strain from uniaxial tensile test.

thank yiou for any help


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