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hello, how to run openxfem++ in windows ?

hello ,do everyone know how to run openxfem++ in windows 7 or xp?

hello , in NGUYEN V 's 'An Object-Oriented approach to the Extended Finite Element Method with Applications to Fracture Mechanic

hello , in paper :An object-Oriented approach to the xfem with Appications to fracture mechanics, in page172, the matlab code :mshmlab.m.

when i run the code mshmlab.m , this problem occured:

 ???Maxmium recursion limit of 500 reached, when i set(0,'recursionlimit',N).N=5000. the matlab crashed,

how to address this issue? 

hello ,everyone ,ask for thermal extended finite element crack growth or thermal extended finite element program code .

hello , i am new for xfem ,i want to simulate crack growth with thermal load using xfem ,have some one know what website has free thermal xfem or thermelastic xfem code ? or can send me to , material is arbitrary , 2Dor 3D , THANK YOU



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