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What is prony series about ?

Hi everyone, 

I cannot get the actual significance regarding the usage of Prony  series and Shift factors in the material modelling of the viscoelastic material. 

Please can anyone post some insights into this. Would be helpful. 

References for failure / damage modeling


I would like to know about the possible references for the modeling of failure /damage of materials in a finite element analysis software.  Kindly suggest like books or research articles which illustrates the modelling.


Abaqus - MISES stress as output variable



I am doing a simulation in abaqus where pressure is applied over a rectangular solid model. I requested MISES output from one of the element where the pressure load is applied. My doubt is, " Is that possible to find the possible biggest model size above which the MISES stress will be constant ? ".


Boundary conditions are such a way that X and Z coordinates are totally constrained. the load is applied on the y-direction. 


Building model for Sandwich panel in ansys

Hi all,

 Can any one help in building a sandwich panel in Ansys and subject it to analysis like compression test , buckling test etc ...,

 Face Sheet : Glass fibres

Core          : EPS (foam).


Kindly help as soon as possible . its urgent.  Atleast some insights would be helpful

What are all the physical significance/meaning that can be obtained from a STIFFNESS MATRIX ?

Hi everybody,

 Can any one explain what is the physical meaning that a stiffness matrix illustrate ? I am a learner at a starting level in this Finite Element Analysis field . There are some questions which I wish to get an idea upon ...

 1. What exactly Stiffness Matrix tells about the structure ? Can you please explain with an example like "Linear Timoshenko Beam or Bernoulli beam or like 4-node plane stress element"....

 2. What is the relation between the eigen values of a stiffness matrix and the corresponding rigid body modes ? 


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