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"The Rate Of Convergence is very slow. Convergence is judged unlikely.


Hi Im writting my umat subroutine for my analysis but the problem that i had seen in the message file is "The Rate Of Convergence is very slow. Convergence is judged unlikely." may i know what the problem ontha and how can i solved this problem. your help highly appreciated it.

 thanks alot. 




Dynamic (explicit) to Static (standard) analysis

Greetings ,

i had successfully running my model in the step with dynamic (explicit).

BUT once i change my model with step in static (standard) then the job stop running in the half way with the error of

"too many increment in this step etc".. i had try decrease my small increment size to 0.001 but it still failed.. your help highly appreciated. 

how can i solve this problems?? 

between, will it the result between Dynamic (explicit) to Static (standard) analysis difference??  


 thanks for the help.  

UMAT example visualization problem



Im try running the example of abaqus verification manual (4.1.21 umatmst.f) with the uniaxal tension with mises plasticity and the input data ofhardening properties). i had successfuly running the example but the problem is::

problem installing visuo studio and intel compiler fortran.

Hi, im using abaqus 6.9 with the computer Wnidow 7 -64bit operating system.


May i know abaqus 6.9 must using visual studio 2005 or we can using other than 2008?

and may i know we writting our subroutine in the fortran 90 ? and we still need to install intel compiler fortran?


thanks for your help.

abaqus problems

Good day to everyone....

Im new in the abaqus user... im here got some problem in my beginner stage:

 (i) what the units used in the abaqus? how can i ckeck it? 

(ii) what is means of the approximate size?

(iii) we can put the vertical load and horizontal load, but how i can put the load with the angle such as (10kN in 30o) 

(iv) how can i do if i want do the looping in my analysis, such as:

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