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Inertia relief in static analysis


 can anybody explain about "Inertia relief" and its practical significance?

Also i read from nastran mannual that it calculate rigid body acceleration , how do we get rigid body acceleration bcoz in inertia relief static analysis we fixed the all possible rigid body motion .

Please share the information on this

Thanks and Regards


Abaqus FE inputs

Dear All,

I'm trying to do creep analysis of thermoplastic in abaqus. just i want know the what are all the FE input required for creep analysis for abaqus(also how to get those data). Please who are worked on creep requested to share the information and its usefull for everyone.

Thanks and Regards


Creep coefficient Abaqus


In the creep analysis (Abaqus). how to determine the value of A, n, and m. Also I had pasted the format of creep in  abaqus. Can anyone please suggest me. or if any material is also ok



E, n


A, n, m

Thanks and regards.

quasi-static loading condition



In quasi-static loading condition, how to determine the ramp-up time. We know that in quasi-static load is applied for long period of time and pridcting the ramp up time is crusial to achive the better results.

Pleaes can anyone comment on this.

negative poison's ratio dyna


  I am trying to simulate the negative poison's material behaviour in dyna. Is there any material model in dyna where we can give negative poison's ratio.

Please suggest me

Analysis on washing machine



Can anyone  please suggest me, what are  the anlysis to be carried on washing machine and software to be used.

If there is any link regarding to this please share it.


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