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I need PhD student exchange for doing laboratory experiments on commercially pure titanium dental implant fracture

If any one have the idea how to get join other university in America,Canada for doing or sharing labratory for my reaserch dental implant mechanical fracture due to different factors before implant and after implant during function or non function of the implant. I am a PhD student at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology(NTUST), here i will heat treat to add some strength to the titanium like ECAP (equal channel angle press) to be at SPD and then quenched.

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WAW-100 and 600kN load capacity of Elctrohydrualic sero Universal Testing Machine how to fix or Adjust strain rate

Hi, i am going to run my Experiment for tensile testing of different steel samples at different strain rates ofcourse it is Medium strain rate (1*10-1  - 1*103 s-1 ). and my quetion here is how to adjust my strain rates on this machine? is the cross head speed a strain rate?  if that is the case i think the cross head speed of the machine i am going to use is max. 15 mm/s. so  it is very small for my ranges to apply . any one can help me or give me comment on this issue.

I appriciate any help that comes to me.

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