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Interesting 3D Printed Parts for Young STEM Students

Hello - 


I am curious if anyone has used a 3D printer to demonstrate mechanics of materials to secondary school (or younger) students.  Please let me know if you are aware of a curriculum/have ideas based on this idea.



Acoustic Heating

All -

Are there good references related to acoustic heating?  I am interested in the ability to scale down the effects of this process and looking for ideas in model development to assist.



Ideas for a Mechanician

Hello All - 


I am soliciting advice for how to continue to keep mechanics skills sharp while in a more business/leadership role.  


Please advise on techniques you have used or suggestions for ways to stay current.  


Thank you for your input and for your continued development of this discipline.




Luke Porisch


p.s. - if you were Harvard DEAS from 2003-05 please send me a note!

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