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PhD positions in Geotechnical Engineering in Canada

Dear all,

Happy new year. My supervisor ( is currently looking for potential PhD students. If you are highly interested and motivated to join our group, please E-mail at Do not hesitate to knock me if you have any questions.

Thank you very much.



Sujan Dutta. 

Masters and PhD Opportunity in Geotechnical Engineering at Canada


Good Day. I am a PhD student (Geotechnical Engineering) at Memorial University, Canada. Currenlty, my supervisor ( is actively looking for graduate students. If you are really interested, Please E-mail your CV @ by October 9, 2015.

Thanks for your time.


Sujan Dutta. 

Strain Rate Calculation in CEL


I am trying to calculate the strain rate in Coupled Eulerian Analysis Using ABAQUS. I want to Calculate it through Plastic strain as strain rate in vuhard is not working properly. I want to fix the strain in state variable for a time period but with analysis, it is updated automatically. Is there any options to keep strain fixed for a time period?

 Any idea will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.




Can please help me regarding usage of VGETVRM? I am trying to get material point data of EVF in an eulerian analysis using VUSDFLD but failed. Details is below:

parameter( nrData=6 )

character*3 cData(maxblk*nrData)

dimension rData(maxblk*nrData), jData(maxblk*nrData)

do k = 1, nblock

c jStatus = 1

call vgetvrm('EVF',rdata,jData,cData,jStatus)




About Intergration Points in Eulerian Element (pls help)


Good Day.

Please note that I am doing Coupled Eulerian lagrangian(CEL) Analysis using ABAQUS. In this technique, mesh is fixed and material will flow through fixed mesh.

 My question is:

1.Are integration points for Eulerian elements are fixed with mesh?

2.If it is fixed, how integration point captured the material behavior (as material is moving through fixed mesh)?

Thanks in advance.

Look forward for your kind reply.



Interaction properties in CEL (abaqus)


Hope doing well.

I am in trouble with interaction properties in CEL? I noticed that whatever my shear stress and frictional co-efficient value is, model always take it as zero i.e. frictionless property. I did this using tangential behaviour and penalty.

But I have to model it using shear stress value.

Please advice.

Thank you.

sujan dutta.        

Pls help regarding CoordMp

Dear all,

Pls be informed that I am using abaqus explicit to model my
pipeline that
embedded in soil. In standard, Coord 1 means x co-ordinate,
coord 2 means Y
co-ordinnate and coord 3 means Z -co-ordinate. But I can not
undestand the
meaning of CoordMP(nblock,j) in explicit. I want vertical
co-ordinates of some
elements of my model but if I put CoordMP(k,2) it shows
always a constant value
for all elements which make no sense.

Can you
please explain it(CoordMP)? It will be a great help for me.

About Coupled Eulerian Analysis( pls help)


Good Day.

Please note that I want to model a pipeline
which is on ground surface using CEL. I have applied the geostatic stess
only in step-01. But at the end of step-01, pipe is starting to move
upward. I do not apply any force on pipe but it seems to me that pipe
experienced some force which push it to move upward. Also, I do not
apply any gravity load for pipe.

Please advice.

Thanks in advance.


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