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Abaqus Eigen Value Analysis Error


I am having issues running an Eigen value simulation on a bridge model that I have developed. The model consists of a bridge super-structure supported by pinned connections on the ends of the bridge length and a roller support in the middle.

The model runs without errors when I do not request an Eigen value analysis, but aborts when I request an Eigen analysis. The message file sites the cause as a factorization error. Warnings also appear stating a zero pivot when releasing the 1st dof of the nodes associated with the roller connection.

Rotational Abaqus Direct Cyclic Boundary Condition


I am attempting to model the rotation of a cylindrical bar using Abaqus 6.12 coupled with the direct cylic approach. In my model I have one end of the beam fixed while the other has a kinematic coupling constraint to a reference point that has an applied rotation of 0.1 rad.

Fatigue Category Classification

Can anyone offer information in regards to the SN fatigue curve classification for a steel plate with a central drilled hole? Thanks.

XFEM Location of Crack Tip

In using Abaqus 6.12 XFEM software is there a field output request that can be specified to track the location of the crack tip as a crack grows through time?

XFEM fatigue crack length

Hi all,

For my research I am using Abaqus 6.12 combined with XFEM crack propagation and direct cyclic analysis to asses the failure of bridge connections due to high cycle fatigue. Once propagation of an initially defined crack occurs I would like to plot the crack length at specific number of cycles. Is there an output request that can be specified that will measure that length of the crack as it moves through the simulation?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.


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