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Question about Anisotropic Plasticity models (Hill48)

Dear all,

Recently, I've started working on developing effective algorithm for extracting constitutive parameters from full-field measurements for anisotropy plasticity. Our first reference model was chosen as Hill48 due to relatively simple form, popularity etc. Since we are new to that topic we had discussion with my supervisor about nature of anisotropic plasticity and here are some crucial points.

Equivalent Plastic Strain (PEEQ)

Hi there,

Hoffman's plasticity UMAT

Hi everybody, First of all I would like to introduce myself, as a new user here. My name is Aleksander Marek and I'm student (3rd year of 1st degree) at Poznan University of Technology in Poland. I'm working on UMAT that accounts for Hoffman Plasticity and all of its simpler forms (Hill,

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