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Error running subroutine

Abaqus Error: Command line option "Job-2.inp" may not be used with "analysis".
              Valid options for use with "analysis" are:
['after', 'background', 'convert', 'convert_sdi', 'cpus', 'domains', 'double', '
dynamic_load_balancing', 'fil', 'globalmodel', 'help', 'host', 'information', 'i
nput', 'interactive', 'job', 'madymo', 'memory', 'mp_host_split', 'mp_mode', 'li
stenerport', 'oldjob', 'order_parallel', 'output_precision', 'parallel', 'port',
 'queue', 'remoteconnections', 'scratch', 'standard_parallel', 'timeout', 'user'

Creep strain vs time graph as input in abaqus

I have a creep strain vs
time graph. How can that be used as input for creep? In defining creep,
abaqus asks for power law multiplier, eq stress order and time order?
how can those be found from creep strain vs time graph?

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